Episode #4

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Life is a pure flame,
and we live by an invisible sun within us.

Sir Thomas Brown

Mike held his breath as he bent down and slowly crept as far as he could. He took a long hard look, his pulse was racing, it was like molten lava in his veins.
He turned slolwy around to see that Mindy was crawling towards him. "What are you doing?" he whispered
"We are all a team" she whispered back "You go I go"
Mike sighed but it was not a time to have a debate. He motioned for her to follow close behind.
As his eyes adjusted to the dark, he became more aware of his surroundings and who was stepping out of the car.
A flood of relief fell across his face "It's only Jacob and the others" he mouthed.
Mindy cried gleefully as she stood up and rushed over to hug them. Jacob and the others umped back in surprise, not knowing what was happening. Only when they realised who it was did they relax.
Mindy rushed over and hugged both Tao and Aislin, taking them both by surprise, at University when Mindy hung out with Rochelle and Laura, she barely registered they existed, Mindy was always worried about being around the right people, they she too often treated other people like they didnt matter. But it seemed when she was out of Rochelle's shadow, she was as sweet as pie.
"How was the trasure hunt" Mike said coming out of the shadows
"We got alot of goodies" Jacob said shaking his sack.
Aidan who had the other sack walked up the cabin stairs and was greeted by Jimmy and Deborah, he passed his sack to Jimmy as he headed off to the bathroom "How was the mission?" Jimmy asked him, Aidan uttered a fine before heading up the stairs.
Deborah jumped down the stairs and rushed over to hug her two friends, the trio hugged, than Tao broke off to help Jacob with the sack.
"Why are you in such a rush, your not going to go study are you" Jacob asked
Tao shook her head "No point at the moment, but I did want to do some research"
"Research on what?"
"I had some ideas about protecting ourselves" Tao replied as they disappeared into the cabin.
"So Aislin, did you guys find any asthma medicine" Deborah asked concerned
Aislin shook her head "We only got to search three cabins and during the last search we were interupted"
"Dont worry, we are heading off to Debney Bay tomorrow night, while there we'll find some for you"
"Why are you all leaving so soon" Aislin asked
"I'll explain later, right now you need a shower, girl you stink"
"We better get you back to your sentry post" Mike said as he clasped hands with her. Mindy smiled leaned forward and kissed him.
Mike kissed her back harder,
"As long as you keep me company, I only have an hour left"
"If you keep kissing me like that, I will"Mike smiled
Mindy giggled as they both went for a stroll along the route Mindy had to check.
"If we werent in such a terrible situation, this would be so romantic" Mindy said
"When I get back from Debney Bay, Im going to plan something special for us"
"Ohh what"Mindy asked giggling "Tell me"
"It's a secret" Mike said trying to act serious.
"Are we going to alright?" Mindy asked "I mean our families are in the city, and we are in hiding, what is going to happen to us"
"We will stay here, until its safe to come out" Mike kissed her "Now forget about all that, there is nothing we can do for our families but pray they are ok"
Miny smiled and kissed him back, but her question was still nagging her. She was worried for her family, she totally agreed with what Rochelle said about finding out about their families, maybe she should bring that up at the next meeting.
She looked up at Mike and gave him a wink, all this time someone as adorable and caring was under her nose and it took a shocking event to see him in that light.
Aislin and Deborah walked back into the cabin, Aislin headed up the stairs to take a shower, while Deborah returned to her vodka and orange.
Rochelle had composed herself, knowing it wasnt the enemy she had positioned herself back on one of the sofa's and was flipping through a magazine.
"How many is that tonight?" Rochelle asked "I mean how are you going to be when you head off to Debney Bay without a drink"
"Im not an alcoholic, Im just drinking to relax" Deborah shot back
"One is relaxing two or three is a problem"
"What is your problem with me" Deborah said rolling her eyes "You have always been a total bitch since i've known you but you've never been that bad"
Rochelle smiled a smug smile "I have no idea what you are talking about"
"You know it wasnt my fault that you broke up with Tristan. And its not my fault he started dating me"Deborah said softly
"I really dont want to talk about it" Rochelle said "I loved Tristan, but in the end he was a major jerk, so I'm happy that he is no longer in my life"
"So if your not angry, why do you have a problem with me?"
"Tristan is a basketball star, his going to make it big one day, and you just dont fit the image"Rochelle replied
"You think i'm white trash" Deborah said sadly "Just because your family comes from the best part of town and my family isnt as wealthy as your, its no right to judge me"
Rochelle raised an eyebrow and looked at her like she was mad "I dont care that you are poor Deborah, in another life we may even have been friends, but I really loved Tristan and even know you scream you are innocent you did steal him, and you go around like it had nothing to do with you"
"I thought you didnt love Tristan anymore" Deb asked "I thought you have E.J in your life now?"
"E.J is never going to be famous, and I dont love E.J. I'm only dating E.J cause Tristan hated him"
"The days of marrying for social class are gone, you dont have to marry someone who is famous, in the hopes of some glitter rubbing off on you"
Rochelle tossed the magazine aside "Im not in the mood to discuss anymore now, but when this is all over, im going to tell Tristan how I feel"
"Grow up Rochelle, we are in a terrible situation we cant be biting each other's heads off"
"Whatever"Rochelle said getting up "Just because we are all in this situation it doesnt mean we have to be friends"
"Well you better make sure you never need my help, as I might just not give it" Deborah spat, she looked down at the drink she was holding and through the glass across the room.

Aidan let the hot water rub down his body, he scrubbed himself all over, after two days without a shower he felt dirty.
He slipped out and wrapped a towel around his waist. Aidan took a long at himself in the mirror, he knew he was handsome, alot of girls said that, he often wished he could find a nice girl to settle down with, but he didnt see that happening, especially now that they were all in hiding.
Aidan applied shaving cream to his face and began to shave.
Jacob plopped onto his bed, and felt himself relaxing it was a great feeling to be in a comfortable bed again, he hoped he didnt have to go out again soon.
Jacob was just starting to get comfortable when he spotted something on Aidan's bed. Usually he wouldnt have cared especially where Aidan was concerned, the guy was a creep and he didnt trust him at all, he found that out while they were away on there mission, the guy was so moody and rude.
Jacob slid off his bed and headed over to Aidan's bed.
He saw a bottle of pills on the bed, they didnt look like asprin. Jacob picked up the bottle and started to examine it. The label read Valium, why on earth would Aidan be needing valium, unless they werent his.
The bedroom door slammed shut, Jacob jumped than spun around to see Aidan standing there with his arms folded across his chest "What in the hell do you think you're doing?" Aidan demanded.
Jacob looked towards the door guilty, like he had been caught with his hand in the cookie jar. "I have a splitting headache and I thought they were asprin"
Aidan looked Jacob up and down, he didnt know if he was lying or not "Well you can see there not asprin, so hand them over"
Jacob slid the pills into Aidan's hand. "It might not be wise to take them, what if we were attacked in the middle of the night, you wouldnt be able to get up"
"That's my problem, I'll deal with that if the issue ever arises."
Jacob smiled and started to walk from the room, it was the best thing to do. Getting into an argument was not going to help much.
Aidan kept his eyes on Jacob until he had left the room, he than walked over to the wardrobe and slipped the pills into one of his jackets except for two he popped into his mouth, Hopefully, he wont go nosing about in here, Aidan thought, as he curled up on his own bed.
He was glad he wasnt up for sentry duty tonight as he felt a peaceful slumber come upon him.

Jacob walked in on Jimmy talking with those heading off to Debney Bay the next night. Grant stood by the window sucking on a cigarette, he was listening deeply as he looked out of the window.
Mike was on one of the sofa's jotting down some of Jimmy's points into a notebook, gone was the reckless party guy Jacob knew at University, this Mike was acting nothing less than proffesional, there would probably be no doubt he would lead the group.
Deborah was sipping her drink and nodding every so often, while Babs was clearly nervous, he could tell by the way her legs were shaking, Jacob wondered if any of them knew what they were really up against.
"I suggest the first night, two of you go and spy on the town, just see what is happening, if you both think its safe than all four of you can head down into the town later on. If you find its not safe, I dont want you to go in, there would be nothing worse than to lose you four" Jimmy said
"So you think it could be dangerous?" Babs said chewing on her thumbnail, nerves were getting to her, it looked as if she wished she had never decided to volunteer"
"I have no idea, but safety comes first"
Deborah laughed which got everyone looking at her, this was not a time for laughing "Sorry, Im just thinking about what one of my teachers said last year. He said I would never do anything worthwhile, that my life would be a mediocrity, well if he could see me now"
Babs patted her on her knee "What we are doing is right, i'm shit scared of what we are going to find, but it's the right thing"
"You will all take a backpack each, fill it with only what you need. There may be some long walking, especially on the way back, and you dont want to take things that will slow you down"
"I guess I leave my porn mags hey" Mike joked, which received a flutter of laughter from everyone.
"And we dont tell about this place" Grant piped in "Whatever happens"
"What do you mean?" Babs asked
"We gotta face the fact if it is bad situation and one of us is caught, we dont tell about this place" Grant said
A look of fear ran over all there faces, they all kind of assumed it was going to be an easy task, the thought of capture never crossed any of there minds.
"I never thought about that"Deborah said "What if it really is that serious?"
"We do what we can than get back here" Grant said "We might be worry for nothing, but it's better to be prepared"
"If any of you want to back out, say so now" Jimmy said concerned "I dont want to force someone to go"
"I'll do whatever it takes" Mike said "Even using a gun if I have too"
"Same here, nobody is going to force me to be scared in my own country"Grant spat "I will never forgive them for what they have done"
"Sun-Hi is my friend, I want nothing more to help her, even if it is dangerous" Babs said still shaking.
"Bring it on" Deborah said in a hard tone "As long as we are together we will be fine"
Jacob had a yearning to join those heading towards Debney Bay, he hardly knew Sun-Hi but just the thought of doing what these guys were doing made him want to join in, deep down it was a willingness to be accepted, he knew he was still new to this group and he wanted to prove himself.
Jacob gave a small cough, the others stopped and looked at him "We are streched for time, how can we help you Jake?" Jimmy asked
"Is it too late to sign up for the Debney Bay mission.I know I dont know Sun-Hi as good as all of you,but I want to help"
Jimmy smiled it was good to see so many people offering to help his girlfriend.
"Thank you for offering, but we better not change the line up. But I do have something you can do, I'll find you later to talk about it."
"Hey Jacob, can you do my sentry duty?" Mike asked
Jacob nodded and headed outside to relieve Aislin who was doing her turn.
"Anything interesting?" Jacob asked
Aislin shook her head "Just the night sky" she patted him on the back "I'm off to bed finally. I cant believe they dragged me out of bed to do sentry"
"It's important, especially when the others go, this will be an added responsibility"
Aislin rolled her eyes "I know, but i'm going to hate being dragged out of my warm bed" Aislin gave a smile and headed back into the cabin.
Rochelle packed a few items into her backback. Just a change of clothes, some cash and some food she had taken from the kitchen. She stuffed them all into the backback, than slid the pack on the other side of her bed, away from prying eyes.
She had left the door open a crack, she could hear the group discussing what they were going to do at Debney Bay. Rochelle couldnt believe the group were going to do something as dangerous as that, they must have been out of there minds. There was no chance in hell she would rish her life on such a dangerous mission. It's not like Sun-Hi was a bloody saint on anything.
"What are you doing?" Mindy voiced from behind her.
"Just packing up a few things" Rochelle lied
"Need any help?" Mindy offered
"I can manage" Rochelle replied as she lay down on her bed
Mindy walked further into the room, headed over to the dressing table and picked up a hairbrush and began to run it through her blonde hair.
"What do you think of Mike?" Mindy asked
"I think his either very brave or very stupid for wanting to head off to Debney Bay"
"No, I mean as a person, how do you find him as a person" Mindy urged
"At university he was always the party animal, I always saw him at the parties but never in class. His funny and not bad looking, but not my type"
Rochelle looked over and saw that Mindy was blushing, "Why are you blushing?"
"I like Mike" Mindy said
A wide smile crossed Rochelle's face "When did this happen?"
"The other day we were both talking and it sort of happened, his so adorable"
"His not bad looking, compared to a few of the guys here. Just be careful of him Mindy?
"Why should I be careful of him"
"Your a good girl Mindy, you know Mike he likes to play the field alot. Just be sure he isnt passing time while here by hanging with you"
"That isnt very nice to say, Mike is great and his not just seeing because there isnt anyone better"
Rochelle got up and placed a hand on her friends shoulder "Im your best friend, I'm only looking out for you. Just be careful his a wild guy"
"If Im your best friend why arn't you telling me the truth?"
"What truth? About Mike?" Rochelle asked
"No about why your packing that stuff into your backpack"
"I told you" Rochelle said "Just putting a few things away"
"Im not as dumb as people think, you have been up to something ever since the other night"
"Can I trust what I tell you stays between us?"
"Im your best friend, whatever you tell me is always going to stay with me. I mean remember when I walked in on you and Grant kissing, I never told Laura or Tristan on you both"
Rochelle blushed herself remembering that night many months ago, when she and Grant had too much to drink, one thing lead to another and they ended up making out"
Rochelle went over and closed the door "I'm leaving here"
Mindy gave a gasp of surprise "Why?"
"These people have no idea what they are doing. There rushing off like commando's to find Sun-Hi. There are more important things to consider first"
"Such as?"
"Finding out about our familes and that's what I plan to do"
"But there back in the city, we have been told it's too dangerous"
"Do we really know that, all we have is the words of a crazy store owner"
"What about the jets?" Mindy demanded "Werent they enough to show you how dangerous it is"
Tears started to stream down Rochelle's face "It's something I have to do. I know we are all worried about our friends and family, but it's eating me up inside, I can barely sleep. I need to know"
Mindy nodded in agreement she too had these feelings but unlike Rochelle she wasnt brave enough to go back into a war zone"
Mindy hugged her friend "It's going to be ok, and I wont tell anyone but please at least reconsider"
"My mind is made up, when they head off to Debney Bay I'm leaving, and this time around none of them are going to talk me out of it."
Mindy shook her head not understanding why her friend would want to put herself in such danger.

The meeting downstairs had ended, Grant had a short sentry duty to do,than he was going to have a long sleep before he headed off to Debney Bay.
"Hey mate" Grant said to Jacob as he approached
"Is my shift over already?" Jacob said
"Yeah, I'm up for a 2 hours than i'm going to have a long sleep"
"Are you nervous about tomorrow night"
"I have a hive of butterflies in my stomach" Grant said "The problem is we dont know what to expect, thats what I'm most worried about"
"I agree, I wish I was going to" Jacob said "I know i'm not close to Sun-Hi, but all this cloak and dagger stuff is thrilling"
"There will be other times mate, for all we know we are going to be here for a long time, who knows what other stuff we may have to do"
"Why dont you get some sleep" Jacob said "Im not tired and you have important stuff to do tomorrow"
"Would you do that for me?" Grant asked
"Of course, what are friends for"
Grant patted his friend on the back and hurried off to find Angelique.
Jacob was glad that he was able to do the favour for Grant, he knew when the time came for another group to head out Grant might suggest that he go with them. He didnt know why he was so eager to please, he just wanted to be accepted, and considering the circumstances that they were all in, he wanted to shine.
Grant knocked on Angelique and Ba's door. Bab's was already asleep but Angelique was still up reading a book.
"Can we talk?" Grant whispered
Agelique nodded, she put down her book and walked out with him.
"We'll goto my room where it's quiet" Grant said
"So what did you want to talk about" Angelqiue said as she seated herself on his bed.
"I know your annoyed with me and the others for what we are going to do, but I need to know your not angry with me"
Angelique gave a little sigh "I'm not angry with you more scared"
"We'll be okay" Grant said sitting down next to her
"You dont know that,there could be soldiers there or worse, you could get yourself killed"
"Look we are not stupid, if we get there and its dangerous we are coming straight back"
Angelique shook her head "Why do you need the guns for?"
"For our safety, we probably wont even use them"
"I'm just so worried, you dont even know how to properly use a gun, what if something bad was to happen"
"We cant live with what if's. I know you care and thats why you are worried, but please know we will be safe and back as soon as possible"
Angelique was about to speak again but  Grant hushed her with a kiss.
"Just tell me you understand, so I wont head off worrying about you" Grant whispered
Angelique knew what Grant was doing and he was succeding, damn she wished his kisses weren't so good. She knew in her heart that she would worry about him, but she didnt want him going off worrying about her"
"I understand what your doing"Angelique said "And I will pray to God that you all return safely"
Grant kissed her again and she kissed him back, she loved the feel of his kisses. He moved forward and she gently laid back enjoying the kisses Grant gently ran his hand down her face. Angelique smiled liking it, she often wished that she could go further with Grant she liked him alot, but at the same time she couldnt compromise her morals.
Grant's kisses became stronger and she felt herself melt in his arms.
"I love you so much" Grant whispered into her ear
"I love you too" Angelique said "But we better stop before we go to far"
Grant continued to kiss her, until she started pushing back "I'm sorry Grant, I love you but I dont want to go any further"
Grant groaned as he collapsed onto his bed "Im sorry Angelique it just drives me crazy, I love you so much"
"I love you too,and I know when you dated Laura, you both were hot and heavy. But i'm not like that"
Grant sat up and kissed the tip of her nose "I understand, you better go before I pounce on you"
Angelique gave a giggle, she kissed Grant on the lips and headed out the door just as Mike was walking in.
"Well, Well what was going on here, you and Miss Purity"
"Nothing as usual" Grant said "I love her so much, and I know she doesnt belive in sex before marriage, but I getting a little tired of waiting"
"You should never have split with Laura than, you two were like rabbits"
"Yeah that was true but in the end Laura was a selfish bitch, she became way too possesive"
"So what are you going to do about Angelique?"
"I just have to respect her wishes, i'm glad she has such strong morals, but going a little further wouldnt hurt"
"Just talk to her about it" Mike said as he slipped out of his pants, removed his top and slid into his bed"
"Oh come on mate, she's going to say no"
"Than your just going to have to wait, or find someone else to help with your needs"
"I cant cheat on her, i'm not like you"
Mike growled as he tossed a pillow at Grant. "I happen to be a more decent guy these days"
"Since when?" Grant asked "The last party we went too you played 5 minutes in Heaven with two girls"
"I know, I know but that's because there was nobody around that I liked seriously, so I didnt mind playing the field, but now I found someone I like"
"Who?" Grant asked "Someone here?"
"Mindy" Mike said
Grant burst into a fit of giggles "You like Mindy?"
With all playfullness removed Mike nodded "I do, for so long I thought she was a bimbo but she's not she is so innocent and sweet, I really like her"
"I never thought I would live to see the day that Mike Lei fell head over heels for one girl"
"Do you think it's a good match?"
"I wish you both the best, the circumstances at the moment are terrible, and I wouldnt start a relationship now, but I wish you all the best" Grant stiffled a yawn "Im heading to bed, I need some sleep. Sweet dreams mate, I know who you will be dreaming about tonight"
"Bite me butthead" Mike replied

The day drifted by slowly for the group, they had to keep telling themselves not to look at the clock as it only made the day go slower.
The group heading to Debney Bay choose to sleep most of the day away while the others did there best to tip toe around them.
Angelique through herself into the position as cook as she prepared breakfast and lunch, she was even able to rope Aislin into helping her.
While they were preparing lunch Aislin asked her how she felt about Grant going off to Debney Bay.
"It scares me but I trust that God will protect them"
"You must have strong faith that God will do that. I know I was scared just searching the cabins, but this is more dangerous than that"
"Can we please talk about something else, I'm nervous already"
"I kind of hope this war goes on for awhile, I mean no exams for awhile would do me just fine" Aislin said, Angelique nodded as Aislin continued to chat about superfical things from exams to Angelique needing a touch of mascara to bring out her eyes.
"So why dont you date?" Angelique asked
"There's no one I like, most of the guys at university are immature wankers. I'm looking for a man who is sensitive and mature"
"So I guess nobody here attracts your attention?"
Aislin shook her head "There either taken or not worth my time"
"What about Aidan?" Angelique said nodding her head to Aidan who was asleep on the sofa.
'Your worse than Tao, Im defintly not his type"
"I think his kind of cute" Angelique said "Even when his in one of his moods, i'm sure he would make a girl happy"
"I doubt that"Aislin said with a smile.
Jimmy and Tao spent the morning doing a lap around half of the lake, it was a tough run but it gave them both are good workout.
As they huffed and puffed Tao discussed security measures with Jimmy, both knew they needed added security to keep them all safe.
"We need to set up an alarm system, so if anyone triggers it we will find out and go into hiding."
"So what do you suggest a series of cans?"
"That's an idea, but that also very basic, Im also thinking booby traps set in certain areas, we tell everyone so they dont go falling in them, but I think it would be a great idea"
"I like your thinking, we have to discuss it with the others but i'm sure they will all agree."
"I was also hoping that we could let Aidan be in charge of the group, he seems so down and I know it will cheer him up if he was put in charge of it"
"I would have to consider that, I'm probably the best person to lead that group seeing that this is my grandmother's cabin. I would know the best place to put the traps"
Tao nodded "I understand, but whatever happens we have to do it soon, like Grant said yesterday, the enemy was so close"
The group enjoyed a lunch together everybody was nervous about what was going to happen that night. To stop them thinking about later that night, they discussed trival things, they especially loved a good gossip.
Babs told the group a story about how at the final exam Ellen Stuart whispered to her if she could look at her answers. It seemed Ellen had partied too much that she had saved little time for study.
"What did you tell her?" Aislin asked
"I dont her to goto hell, why should I help her just because she was too lazy to study herself.
The group had a good laugh over Ellen. Babs that excused herself saying she was tired and she was going to have a nap.
Babs disappeared up the stairs, she walked right passed her bedroom and headed to the bathroom.
She looked guilty around before slipping in and closing the door, moments later the sound of vomiting could be heard.
Mindy and Mike decided to take a walk along the lake, they talked of trival things not really caring what they were talking about. The most important thing was they were together walking hand in hand growing in love.
"Mike i'm really worried about you going off to Debney Bay, Im scared you might not come back"
Mike gave her one of his lopsided grins "I'm going to be fine, we will be back before you know it"
"I'm going to miss you" Mindy said leaning over and planting a kiss on his cheek.
Mike's heart fluttered with those words he leaned over and kissed her on the lips "I should go away more often if your going to be his lovey dovey"
Mindy giggled "Dont ever leave again ok. I'm going to be worrying all the time you're gone" she sighed
"Nothing to be worried about just dont forget me while I'm gone"
"No chance of that" Mindy said "Just getting back quickly as I have more kisses for you"
Grant, Angelique, Aislin and Jacob began a great game if Uno. The game was going along fine until the others cried out that Grant was cheating, Grant laughed it off saying they were just jealous cause he was a good player and the were shitty at it.
Deborah and Tao decided to sit out in the sun and catch a few of the afternoon rays. Tao also wanted to discuss the security issues with Deborah and she also wanted to get Deb's opinion on Aidan. She knew she would be more sensible than Aislin who had laughed at her when she brought up Aidan. At least Deb would hear her out and give her a sensible response.
Aidan also went up to his room, he was in the need of something to relax him. He slid his hand under his pillow and pulled out his last joint. He didnt know what he was going to do, he only had half a bottle of pills left and after that he would have nothing.
Aidan was worried about how he was acting, never in his life would he have thought he would have resorted to stealing to make ends meet.
He didnt know what was happening to him,he guessed it was because at University he never was of short supply, but now holed up here in the cabin things were way different. He knew it was going to be unbearable he had to find a way to get some more pills.
Rochelle headed up to her room she wanted to double check that she had everything ready. She knew she had told Mindy she would think about it, but she had made her mind up.
The others were being stupid they had to idea what to expect. Everyone was assuming that there country was invaded, but there was no concrete proof, for all they knew the enemy may have already been beaten and ran back to there countries with their tails between there legs.
Nobody was going to talk her out of going, she would show all of them. She knew there country was fine and when she got back to the city it was all going to be fine, she would see her family and they would all be fine, and life would return to normal.
All she had to do now was wait for the right moment to leave.

The sun had set about an hour ago, a cluster of stars were shining in the sky, and the moon was full and alight, casting shadows in all directions.
Grant, Mike, Babs and Deborah were dressed entirely in black, light backpacks on there backs ready for the journey.
The night was going to be cold, already Babs was shivering, but it wasnt entirely due to the cold.
They had all said goodbye to the others, there were alot of tears and hugs and wishes of goodluck.
Angelique was especially emotionally, after hugging Grant goodbye she had headed back inside to pray for the safety of them all. Rochelle had scoffed at the notion of prayer, but she hugged them all excpet Deborah and told them to return soon, she than headed off to her bedroom.
"Time to go" Jimmy said, there had been a late change of plans, originally Mike was going to drive the others as close as possible to Debney Bay, they would hide the car and than go on foot.
Jimmy had realised they couldnt risk losing another car, so Jimmy suggested he drive them as far as possible than they would go on foot from there.
Jimmy slid into the driver's seat and the others hoped in the car.
"Good luck, see you all soon" Aislin called out. The group nodded and waved nervously as Jimmy slowly drove out and disappeared from the view of the others at the cabin.
For the safey of them all Jimmy had to drive without his lights on, it made the journey more longer but it was for there safety. They also had to go slower, they decided if they saw oncoming lights that they would immediately get out of the car and hide.
"I appreciate you all going to find Sun-Hi, I know it's something I should do"
"Mate you have everyone to look out for, you know the cabin better than any of us and your the best to care and help the others"
"I know, it's just that I want to see Sun-Hi so badly"
"I know you do" Grant said " But leave it to us, you will be seeing her soon enough"
Jimmy smiled "I owe you guys alot"
"Yep you do" Deborah said from the backseat "And believe me I will be collecting"
The group had a good laugh which eased there nerves.
The car drove passed the general store which was now nothing but rubble. Grant gave a shiver as he remembered only a few days before he was nearly killed.
The car fell into silence, as each person retreated to their own thoughts. Grant lit a cigarette and blew out a stream of smoke.
"Headlights" Jimmy whispered, it took a moment for the others to register what Jimmy was talking about, but one by one they all turned to look out at the road and saw twin headlights heading there way.
"Oh God" Babs moaned "What are we going to do?"
Everyone in the car, looked towards the road, looking stunned not knowing what to do.
Rochelle slipped her backpakc on and crept down the stairs most of the others were in there rooms but she couldn't risk been seen by anyone, she knew they would stop her like they did last time.
She reached the door and slid out the cold air hit her and she began to shiver. She hugged herself as she made her way to Deborah's car, she knew she wouldnt mind and even if she did who cared.
She had reached when she heard the sound of footsteps on gravel behind her.
Rochelle spun around "What do you want?" Rochelle asked

In the next episode of Hidden Fire;
  • Rochelle, Mindy and Aidan head back to the city, but will they make it?
  • Jimmy, Grant, Babs, Deborah and Mike head towards trouble
  • Mike and Grant discuss who would be the better leader
  • Jimmy, Aislin and Tao go in search of Rochelle and the others.
  • Angelique has a nightmare
  • The group trek to Debney Bay
  • Welcome to Debney Bay

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