Episode #5

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All journey's leave marks on us

---Neil Gaiman





Grant was the first to react, he shook Jimmy who looked like a deer caught in the headlights.
"Mate there's a clearing over there, drive the car over there, behind the bushes"
In the backseat Babs had gone a ghostly pale, who knew what thoughts were going through her head.
Deborah looked ready to jump out of the car and go hide in a bush, but seeing she was stuck in the middle she had nowhere to go.
Mike tapped Jimmy on the shoulder "Do what Grant says now"
Jimmy snapped out of his haze as the lights began to get closer. He turned the steering wheel as hard as he could to the right and the car started to slide into the bushy clearing.
There was a small cheer from the backseat, as the car stopped, Jimmy turned off the engine and the five people waited, even worried that there breathing would make too much noise.
It was at that moment that Deborah sneezed. the other looked at her in shock, but all she could so was shrug her shoulders, a sneeze was something you couldnt control.
The could hear the car approaching, they all silently prayed that it would just zoom pass, and why not the car they were in was not bright, thank God Mike prefered dark coloured cars.
The car came closer and closer, Babs was about to burst as she held her breathe. Jimmy was transfixed by the oncoming headlights.
Only Grant was the one moving he did something that no one else would have even considered he unzipped his backpack and removed the gun, if anything happened they would not go down easy.
Mike leaned over from the backseat and noticed what Grant was doing, and in quick response Mike began to do the same.
Babs saw what Mike was going to do and tears began to form in her eyes.
Before anyone could react the car was upon them.....
"Where are you going?" Aidan demanded as he looked at Rochelle who stood guilty at the car door.
"Im going back to the city"
"Are you mad, havent you been listening, the city is under attack, why go back into that chaos"
"I need to know the truth, we really dont know what is out there, all we have are the words of a worried man"
Aidan nodded in agreement "You're right about that, we all have been running around like chickens with our heads cut off and we really dont know what is happening"
"That's why I'm going Aidan and dont stop me!"
"You cant go alone, what if it is dangerous?"
'I'll be fine Aidan, now let me go"
"Im going with you, I know it's mad, but your not going alone"
"I agree" came a feminine voice said from behind them, they both turned around to see Mindy with her own backback in her hands.
"What are you doing Mindy?" Rochelle asked
"I knew what you were planning to do, and even know you said you'll think about it, I knew you had your mind made up"
"So what are you doing with that backpack?"
"I'm coming, I dont know what to expect but i'm coming"
"I cant ask you to do that, I dont know what to expect and I dont want anything happening to you"
"And I dont want anything to happen to you. We are best friends. Where you go I go"
Rochelle gave her friend a smile, she couldnt believe how loyal a friend like Mindy was, she really didnt deserve such a friend.
With fresh tears in her eyes Rochelle went and hugged Mindy. "You're a silly girl what if something was to happen?"
"Than i'll be there to lift you up" Mindy said
Rochelle slid in the drivers seat, and Mindy slid in next to her, "Is there any chance I can convince you not to go?" Aidan asked
"No, I'm going. So are you coming or are you going to go tell the others"
"I'm going, just let me grab a few items and leave a note"
Mindy rolled down the window "Just grab some gear, I left a note on the fridge for the others"
Mindy turned around and gace Rochelle a weak smile "There gonna be so mad"
"Let them"Rochelle said "There the ones who are going to look foolish when we discover the war is over"
Mindy nodded but she was 100% sure that her friend was right, but she had a duty to look after Rochelle, she had been very fragile since the day at the general store. Maybe when Rochelle saw the war first hand than she would realise"
Just seeing those jets bomb the general store was enough for Mindy to realise they needed to stay in hiding.
Aidan hurried back with a few items, he jumped into the back, lets get going I got Jacob suspicious.
Rochelle put the car into gear and drove off, like the other car they knew they had to travel without headlights being seen would be a terrible option.
Grant rolled down the car window and stuck the nozzle of the gun out the window, if any one was to appraoch they would get a nasty surprise.
The group waited, not a sound was made apart from the deep breathing of Grant.
The car zoomed by paying no attention to the bushes around them. The group breathed a sigh of relief than began to laugh at how serious they were.
"It looked like an army jeep" Grant said
"Wonder if it's one of ours or there's" Mike replied
Grant and Mike returned the guns to the backpack, letting Babs breathe more easily, she wondered how she was going to act if she ever had to hold one of the guns and fire. She hoped she would have the nerve to pull the trigger, cause it may mean the life or death of one of her friends.
"Well let's get rollin again" Deborah said
"I'll drive you down a little further than I better head back. It's too dangerous to continue going by car"
"I'm glad I brought my walking shoes" Mike said
The car got back on the road and continued to sail down the road, everyone was looking nervously around for any sign of activity.
Finally Jimmy decided he had driven as far as possible. The four slid out of the door quielty.
"You best keep off the main roads and cut across the paddocks and bushland. It will take longer but it will be hell of alot safer."
The four nodded as they watched Jimmy turn the car around and drive off. Once the car was out of sight they hoisted there backpacks up, slid off the road and disappeared into the bushes.
Heading in a westerly direction that would eventually lead them to Debney Bay.
Now no longer in a car,  Mike gathered that it might take anywhere from 3 to 4 hours to get there, but seeing that they were going through bushland it may even take longer.
Mike immediately took the lead with the two girls in the middle and Grant taking up the rear. Grant saw this as an oppturnity to lit up a cigarette.
"What are you doing?" Deborah said worried
"I'm having a cigarette, what does it look like"
"What if someone see's, do you really think that is right?"
"No one is going to see" Grant said getting annoyed "You can talk, I noticed you slipped that little silver flask of yours into your backpack, and i'm pretty sure it isnt creaming soda"
Deborah flashed him an annoyed look "I'm not an alcoholic, a stiff drink just relaxes me"
"Well dont relax too well, it's a time to be cautious. And I never said you were an alcoholic"
From the front of the line Mike shhh them both "Not the time or place" he whispered "Save your addiction squabblings for some other time"
Deborah headed up to walk with Mike while Bab's fell back to  speak with Grant, when he saw Babs shivering, he removed his jacket and placed it around her.
"What about you? I dont want you freezing to death" Babs said
"I'm a man, I dont feel the cold" Grant said in his most masculine voice, that made Babs giggle.
"I cant believe we are doing this" Babs said "I feel like a spy or a commando"
"Wait until the real action happens" Grant said.
The group were walking for about another forty-five minutes when Babs expressed the need to use the toilet. As Babs disappeared into the bushes the other three sought the chance to have a quick rest.
Deborah hid from the two guys as she sipped at her flask, she really didnt need Grant judging her.  Grant sat down and began lighting up another cigarette, he noticed Mike give a disapproval look,
"Now what is your problem, your not gonna have a go at me like Deborah did?"
"I just think at this point in time, you shouldn't smoke just in case someone does see you"
"It helps me to relax" Grant said "I dont want to get stressed, and this is a very stressful situation"
"I.." Mike was about to continue when the crunching of leaves and twigs could be heard a few metres behind them. Mike looked at Grant wide eyed, Grant also spun and than dived to the floor, getting his hands scratched up but twigs and dirt. Mike also dived to the ground and he landed straight on his backpack, he rolled off it and quickly unziped the back, and fumbled for the gun. Both guys just hoped that the girls would stay hidden where they were.
But it wasnt going to be out of the corner of his eye Mike saw Babs slowly zipping up her jeans and walking out of the bush. If he called out whatever was making that sound was going to fire if they had a gun at him, but it was obvious that they would see Babs if he didnt say anything.
Mike felt the butt of his gun, he grabbed it with all his might and did something he thought he would never do, he jumped up and screamed for Babs to hit the ground.
Unlike the other times in the car there was no loud music, or jokes being made. Rochelle kept her eyes on the road.
From her position Mindy did the same even know she was exhausted, she had to force herself to keep her eyes open.
Aidan had his head turned as he looked out the back of the car. The driving had been slow but they were making good time, so far they had seen no one else on the road.
Rochelle even backed up her arguement but saying if there country really had been invaded would they have seen more traffic as people fled the city.
"Unless they never got the chance too" Mindy pipped in.
The car had zoomed passed the wreckage of the general store, none of them wanted to be reminded of what happened.
It wasnt long before they were coming upon the fork in the road.
Rochelle halted the car, "One of you is going to have to get out and check the area. See that no cars are coming from any direction than wave us through.
Aidan could see that Mindy was worried that she was going to be the one choosen for the task, so he eased her mind but hoping out of the car himself, and slowly creeping towards the fork in the road.
He reached the fork and began to look in all directions, it all seemed clear but it was than he heard the sound of an approaching vehicle, travelling along like them with no headlights.
Aidan frantically waved his hands at Rochelle. She gave a surprised nod and moved the car into reverse, looking for a place to hide the car. Meanwhile Aidan dipped into the shadows and head behind a clumb of rocks as he waited and watched the car approaching.
The car drove passed Aidan could have sworn it looked famillar, he was shaking badly and beads of sweat were dripping off his forehead, he crouched lower, afraid that the occupants of the car would see him, he also hoped that Rochelle and Mindy were also fine.
The car passed with no response, Aidan breathed a sigh of relief, he waited a few minutes giving the car ample time to leave the vacinity.
He than stood up, pins and needles running down his left leg, but he walked it off as he went in search of Rochelle and Mindy.
he two girls had hidden the car badly behind a large tree, it wasnt really a good hidng spot, if the car had been going any slower they would have spotted it within seconds.
Aidan called out softly to the two girls, who were crouched a few metres away behind some bushes
"Is it safe to come out?" Mindy asked
Aidan nodded, the two girls emerged from there hiding place, clutched to each other. Mindy was still shaking but now that she knew it was safe Rochelle was more confidant.
The group hurried back to the car, and Rochelle put the car back into gear.
"Are we going to have to do this at every road. we will never get there" Mindy said
"It has to be done, can you imagine if we didnt check, we could have been sitting ducks" Aidan replied
At that moment Mindy wished that she was back in her bed at the cabin, snuggled into her warm blankets and asleep, she couldnt believe she had agreed to come on this journey it didnt look like it was going to be as fun as she thought it would.
"Just think in a few more hours, we will be back in the city, my heart is racing already' Rochelle said.
Aidan locked eyes with Mindy and shook his head.
It was at that moment that a loud bang made them all jump, Rochelle let out a cry as she tried to  keep control of the car, "A tyre has gone" she cried
"Just steady the car" Aidan shouted from the backseat, whilst in the front Mindy covered her eyes with her hands.
Another scream and a grunt came from Rochelle as she lost control of the wheel, in her fear she placed her foot on the break only to realise it was the accelerator, the three in the car cried out in the terror as the car speed up towards a large tree.

Jimmy had parked the car in its usually hiding place, he was exhausted and needed rest. It didnt register to him that Deb's car wasnt there. What did shock him was there were some lights on at the cabin.
They had a long discussion  two days ago, that in the night time there should not be any lights, heaven forbid what would happen if a plane was going over, they would all be killed if it dropped anything on them.
Jimmy hurried inside a deep frown across his face, in the lounge were Tao and and Jacob worried expressions on there face. Angelqiue was in the kitchen talking but he only got to hear the last of the conversation.
"Jimmy is going to go off his tree when he finds out" Angelique said
Tao and Jacob saw Jimmy first, they both gave him a guilty look.
"When I find out what?" Jimmy demanded
Angelique's lower lip began to quiver, she really didnt want to be the bearer of bad news.
From behind Jimmy, Aislin appeared in the cabin door way a little out of breath and sking from the cold chill in the air "There's nto here, there defintly gone, they have even taken Deb's car, she is going to be so pissed off"
"What's going on"Jimmy said "First you leave the lights" Jimmy stormed over to light the candles on the mantel piece before switching off the lights. "This has been discussed, no mainlights,  its too risky"
Jimmy picked up that there was more on the minds of the others "So what else have I missd, I seem to be the only one not privy to this information"
"There gone" Tao said, at first Jimmy thought they were talking about Grant and the others but than Tao shook her mane of black hair "No the others are gone, Rochelle, Mindy and Aidan"
"Gone where?" Jimmy asked annoyed
Angelique handed Jimmy the note that was on the fridge. Jimmy scanned it quickly, than crumbled the paper up and tossed it into the bin "How could they be so stupid, as to want to go back to the city"
"It would have been entirely Rochelle's doing"Aislin said "We all remember how she freaked last time about wanting to go home"
"Aidan should have known better" Jimmy said "How can he have let the other two persuade him to go"
"Well Aidan has been acting real weird lately, I found pills which werent prescribed to him on his bed"
Jimmy shrugged his shoulders "That's not important at the moment, the important thing is finding them before they do anything stupid"
"What are we going to do?" Tao said as she nervously chewed her thumbnail.
"I'm going to have to and find them before they get themselves caught" Jimmy said annoyed
A look of terror crossed all there faces, the very thought that some of there friends could be caught, scared them to the core.
"You cant go alone" Aislin said, she knew what she was going to say next, but she wished she didnt. She was not brave like Deborah, so she usually didnt like to stick her neck out to do something if she knew she couldnt suceeded.And Rochelle was clearly not one of her favourite people, the girl was a down right bitch and she really didnt deserve to be helped, its not like Rochelle  would have lifted a manicured finger to help her.
On the other hand Mindy and Aidan were worth it. Aislin gave a deep breath before she said what was on her mind
""You cant go alone it's too dangerous, I'll go with you"
"I cant have you do that" Jimmy said "It's too dangerous, I mean just before we saw an enemy car go by, i cant put you through that"
"I'm not made of glass, I wont break" Aislin said, once she made her mind up others knew they had little chance of changing it.
"I wont take no for an answer" Aislin crossed her arms across her chest she knew she had to stay strong, Jimmy was very strong minded and opinionated he would try and talk her out of it, but instead Jimmy gave a simple nod.
"I'm going also" Tao said "I may not look strong but I can be very useful"
Aislin smiled at her she was greatful that someone else had also stepped up to help.
"Are you sure Tao?" Jimmy asked "I dont want to force anyone to go if they dont want to"
"Your not putting a gun to my head, I want to help. Regardless of who they people are we are all in this together" and hey I know martial arts I could be helpful"
A grin crossed Jimmy's face as he pictured Tao giving someone a karate chop.
"What about us?" Jacob said "What are Angelique and I going to do?"
"We cant have everyone going, someone has to stay behind and look after the cabin"
Jacob was clearly not happy with what he was told to do, he wanted to be more active in the action, not stay home and baby sit Angelique. But he would agree with whatever Jimmy said now but it wouldnt be that way forever.
"Grab some warmer clothes girls we head off now"Jimmy said "The sooner we leave the quicker we find them"
Babs didnt have to be told twice, upon hearing Mike's voice she hit the ground, she cringed as she felt the mud splatter her face and clothes.
She wanted to cry out cause she didnt know what was happening, but she knew whatever it was must have been serious.
"Can you see anything" Grant whispered to Mike, Mike shook his head as his eyes gazed all around him, he had gotton himself into a half standing position which was already getting uncomfortable but he didnt want to risk moving.
Grant now had his own gun in his hand and he was crouching and looking into the area where the noise had come from.
Grant heard another rustling noise from behind them, Grant spun around and pointed the gun towards the buish where the noise was coming from.
"Dont" Deborah cried from the bush "It's only me"
"Stay there" Grant barked
The noise ahead of the guys continued to increase as it got close to them.
"Is it soldiers?" Grant asked
"I cant tell" Mike said "I'm going in for a closer look"
"It's too dangerous" Grant whispered back
Mike shurugged him off, someone had to make a move and he didnt see Grant rushing foreward, so he might as well try, thats what being a leader was all about.
"Just cover me Grant" Mike said with a
Mike began to crawl forward, his heart was beating so fast he thought it was going to explode. If his friends back home could see him now they would probably be stunned here was the party animal going out of his way to help others.
He wiped the sweat that was creeping down his forehead, he blinked at some of the sweat that had gotton into his eyes. From the corner of his eye he could see a flutter of movement, he swung his body around and raised his gun.
It was than the figure came into view, a smile crossed his face and he let out a loud laugh.
"What the hell? Deborah called out from behind them "What are you laughing about Mike?"
Mike dropped the gun and burst into a fit of giggles as a rabbit hoped into his view.
Grant crawled over to him "What are you laughing about?"
"It's just a rabbit"
Grant stood up in a huff "My heart is beating because of a bloody rabbit.
Babs and Deborah followed suit getting up and complaning they got dirt for no reason.
Mike rolled his eyes, he couldnt believe they were acting like they were on a nature hike, instead of going to track down a friend.
"We better get going, I want to reach Debney Bay as soon as possible" Mike said, he started to walk off, he expected the others would fall into line and follow him.

The front of the car was crushed in, a paper cup after you've finished drinking from it.
The windscreen was broken sprayed glass lay everywhere.  There was a dead silence in the car, as none of the occupants moved, suddenly Aidan gave a cough and groaned as he sat up.
"Everyone okay?" he asked as he lent forward
Mindy gave a moan as she moved and shaked glass out of her hair, she felt a warm sticky feeling against her forward which seemed to be running down her cheek. Mindy gave a startled cry as she touched her head, and noticed the blood on her fingers.
"I'm bleeding" Mindy whimpered
Rochelle gave a groan as she pushed open the car door and stumbled out. She gave a deep breath as she collapsed onto the ground "I cant believe that happened"
"Deborah is going to kill you" Aidan said as he got out of the backseat and helped ease Mindy out of the car.
Mindy winced as she limped over to a fallen log and sat on it "First my arm, now my foot hurts"
Aidan gave it a close inspection "It doesnt look broken, hopefully you only sprianed it"
"Hopefully, how am I going to get back with a sprained ankle" Mindy demaned
Aidan removed a tissue from his pocket and held it against Mindy's forehead "It's not that bad, I think it's only cuts you got with the spraying glass"
"What are we going to do?" Rochelle mumbled more to herself than to the others.
"We have to go back" Aidan said "Everyone is going to be so pissed"
"What about going to the city?" Rochelle said "That was our plan" Rochelle would not let others see her cry, so she brushed away the few stray tears that were forming.
"We have to keep moving on, we cant let this accident stop us" Rochelle tried to get herself up, groaning as she did.
"You still cant be thinking of going back to the city, we dont even have a car"
"Just give it up" Mindy added "We cant go on, we have to get back to the cabin"
"You two can go back, but i'm heading back to the city" Rochelle said stubbornly as she finally got up.
Aidan followed her and grabbed her by the arm "We have to stick together,we cant go wandering off alone"
"'l'll be fine by myself, take Mindy back where it's safe"
Aidan was getting tired of this rountine, back in University when things didnt go her way she would always go off on her own but this was not the time or place.
"The city can wait, the most important thing at the moment is our safety"
"Please Rochelle" Mindy begged "I'm scared I dont want you to leave"
Rochelle stopped walking off, if anyone could change Rochelle's mind it was Mindy.
"Look I know how badly you want to see your parents but they dont want you dead, if you walk to the city who know's what will happen"
Rochelle shook her head"Damn you two" she walked back over to Mindy and sat down next to her "Your lucky i'm your friend or I would have left your ass here"
"You have a good heart Rochelle" Mindy replied
"I hate to ruin the moment, but we better make a start back to the cabin"
"Are you both really sure you want to go back?" Rochelle asked
"Look we will get Mindy back, she's no good with a bad ankle, than I promise we can both go and try to get to the city again"
Those words seemed to make Rochelle smile.
"How are we going to get back, I can barely walk and we dont have a car" Mindy said nearly on the verge of a fresh batch of tears.
"We have no choice but to walk" Aidan said, he didnt like the idea either, he was hanging badly and the thought of walking in the cold and dark didnt really excite him.
Aidan and Rochelle scooped Mindy up, she winced as she put pressure on her leg.
"Lean on me" Aidan said he looked at Rochelle "We'll take turns"
"I'll grab the torch from the car, as well as our packs" Rochelle said "Otherwise we will all be limping by the time we get back. Rochelle hated the thought of going back, she didnt want to have to answer Jimmy's questions, she knew she was strong enough to go on alone, but she also knew Mindy needed her, and she couldn't turn her back on her best friend.
They hadnt been walking back for more than half an hour, they had decided to walk along the road, they had agreed if they saw oncoming traffic they would duck into the bushes. 
 Rochelle whispered that she swore she sasw headlights coming from in the bushes.
"Are you sure you saw it?" Mindy asked "What would a car be doing in the bushes"
"I have no idea, but should we check it out?" Rochelle asked
"You two girls stay here, I'll go check it out" Aidan said nervously, he so hoped that Rochelle was only tired and she imagined it.
Rochelle helped Mindy down onto the road, and she huddled next to her, it had to be late and the cold air was stinging them.
Aidan crept into the bushes, the night was silent the only sound was his deep breathing. He moved slowly afraid he was going to trip over something.
Aidan got closer and to his shock Rochelle was right there was a car carefully hidden in a small clearing, surrounded by a thick layer of bushland. Aidan wondered how the driver could have gotton in there. Aidan crept around he had to get a look at who was driving before he made his move, he had no idea whether they were friends or enemies.
The cabin was silent with only two people in it. Angelique was sitting in the lounge sipping a hot cup of tea.
Jacob was outside taking care of sentry duty, he gladly offered to do both there shifts which didnt bother her in the least. The thought of doing sentry scared her, what if she fell asleep or even worse what if the enemy crept up on them, what would she do, it was alot of pressure.
She gave Jacob a quick wave than retired to bed, she was utterly exhausted. It wasnt  long before she hit the pillow that she was asleep.
Angelique didnt know how long she was asleep for, when she heard footsteps running up the stairs, Angelique sat up in fright to discover Babs breathing hard, sweat pouring from her dirty face.
"What's the matter?" Angelique asked, she knew Babs shouldnt be back for a few day yet.
Babs lower lip trembled "There's been an accident, it's Grant"
Angelique through the covers back and followed Babs downstairs.
Tears were already flowing down her face as she feared the worst.
Everybody was in the lounge room, they had made a semi-circle  around one of the sofas.
"Where's Grant?" Angelique said clearly terrified.
Her friends parted, it was than she could see Grant lying on one of the sofa's, he was a mess and there was blood on his face and on his chest.
Angelique rushed over 'What happened?' she directed the question to Jimmy who could not look her way.
"He was shot" Mike said "We walked into an ambush, we had no idea, he was shot when he jumped in front of Deborah"
"What are we going to do?" Angelique cried "We have to get him help"she wondered why nobody else was making an effort to help there friend.
"If we move him anymore he will die" Jimmy said "It's lucky he made ths trip.
Grant began to have a spasm from the sofa, everyone was horrified,
"Dont die Grant" Angelique cried "I love you"
Angelique gasped in fright as she sat up right in bed, her blankets twisted around her torso and sweat pouring down her body. It took Angelique a moment to realise she was just dreaming, a dream whch she really didnt want to happen.
She tried to shake her head to remove such horrid thoughts from  her mind.
She stepped out of bed clearly shaken, she prayed that they were alright, she would never forgive herself if anything happened to Grant.
She loved him dearly and she knew he only went on the mission cause she had given her blessing.
Angelique slipped on her dressing gown and decided to head down to the kitchen to make herself a glass of hot milk.
A light patter of rain had started again, Babs and Deborah began to complain that they were cold and needed rest. Mike urged them on saying they were not that far from Debney Bay and they could rest than.
Grant was also annoyed he assumed he was leading this group so he didnt know why Mike was taking charge. It's not like he was jealous Mike was his best friend, he just knew he was a better leader.
Out of the corner of his eye he saw Babs shiver, he walked over and wrapped his arm around her "It may be harder to walk, but at least you'll be a little warmer"
Babs smiled gracefully "When I signed up for this, I didnt picture cold nights with a touch of rain.
"Neither did I, but we can stop soon and light a nice fire to warm us up."
"Now your talking" Deborah said from behind them "Mike is such a slave driver, anyone would think he believes his a commando"
"I can hear you" Mike said "Come on guys, I just want to get to Debney Bay as soon as possible"
"I dont want to complain but i'm tired and wet" Deborah shot back.
"We all are, but if we stop we are just going to get more cold and wet as long as we keep going we will be fine"
"Can we rest Grant?" Deborah asked
Mike looked annoyed at Deborah than he turned to Grant "Do you wat to rest also?"
"I think we need to rest if we are going to be effective" Grant started "But we should get to Debney Bay as soon as possible"
"Well let's move it than" Mike said his irritation increasing
"Who died and made you leader?" Deborah said "I thought Jimmy made Grant leader"
Grant blsuhed and looked down at the ground this was not the kind of argument he wanted to be involved in.
"Im just trying to do this mission the best I can" Mike said "If Grant wants to be leader he should do something which requires him to be a leader and not just lighting a cigarette" Mike than turned and started to walk off "Now come on guys we have important things to do"
Babs gave a small gasp she had never seen Mike talk to Grant like that.
Grant could feel the eyes of both of the girls on him,
"Come on girls, not much further to go" Grant started walking off also, but deep inside he was fuming the way Mike made him feel so small.
Babs gave Deborah one of her arched eyebrow looks at Deborah "What did I say?" Deborah asked innocently.
"Come on troublemaker" Babs replied "We better head off before they leave us here"
The grew continued the walk in silence, the cold and rain had put a damper on any conversation, and at least it gave each person the time to think about what lay ahead.
Mike told the three to stay where they were while he scouted the area. "I just want to see how close they were to Debney Bay.
They didnt know how long they had been walking, they left when it was pitch dark but now the new morning was starting to peek through.
Babs sat against a large tree and took the oppturnity to close her eyes.
Deborah and Grant took the time to share a cigarette and when Deborah pulled out her small flask, Grant didnt hesitate to take a sip.
"It'll warm me up" he joked.
Mike returned a few moments later, he cast a look of disapproval at the three of being so slack.
"What did you find out" Grant asked as he quickly butt out his cigarette.
"We are about 20 minutes away from Debney Bay. It's getting to light for us to make a move now, so I suggest we camp here until tomorrow night. Do you think that's a good idea Grant?"
Grant simply nodded "I'll go and get a small fire started"
Babs felt butterflies swirl in her stomach "I cant believe it, we are here. And it's all going to happen tomorrow"
"Welcome to Debney Bay" Deborah smiled.

In the next Episode of Hidden Fire;
  • Aidan, Rochelle & Mindy come across a man willing to help, but can he be trusted?
  • The mission starts when Mike, Grant, Deb & Babs enter Debney Bay and start the search for Sun-Hi
  • Angelique rejects Jacob's advances

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