Episode #2

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"Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born."
                          -----Anais Nin

Aidan Moore started out of his bedroom window at the drama that was unfolding with Rochelle. Jacob had headed down the stairs so it gave Aidan the oppturnity to light one of his joints.
He was down to 3 more joints he would have to be careful, when these run out he didnt know what he was going to do.
Aidan took a puff and let out a stream of smoke, he couldnt believe everything that was happening to them. How on earth could his country be invaded he thought the world loved them, he guessed he was wrong.
He looked down again Babs was at the window trying to coax Rochelle out of the car. Babs was always good at that she had that motherly voice that people were drawn too. He himself had spoken to Babs many night on the phone or at there favourite hangout Johnny Angels.
Jimmy, Grant and Mike continued to act as a barricade, they were hoping she wouldnt floor it, they knew she was emotional with all that was happening but at this moment in time they all had to stick together.
Mindy appeared beside Babs and together the two girls were able to get Rochelle to unlock the door, Rochelle stepped out tears streaming down her face, this was a surprise to alot of people Rochelle was never one to cry in public, she saw it as weak but here she was crying for all to see. The war was a terrible occurence but people where going to change through out it.
Rochelle embraced Mindy and together they walked back into the cabin. Slowly all the others did until only Mike and Jimmy where left with Grant.
"What are we going to do about Rochelle?" Mike said "She is already falling apart"
"Give her a break" Grant said "She's emotional over her family being back home"
"We all are" Mike replied "But we cant have people running off whenever they feel like it, its too dangerous"
"She'll be fine, once it all sinks in, we will talk to her tomorrow" Jimmy added.
Babs bounced out of the cabin with a bag of chips and appraoched the group. "I guess Im the next for sentry duty"
Grant gave a yawn and streched "I am so exhausted,I could sleep for a week"
"Dont make it that long buddy" Jimmy said "I want to put a proposal to you three tomorrow morning and I want you to tell me what you all think"
Grant nodded he was interested in hearing more but he really needed his sleep.
Mike and Grant headed to there room, Grant was having his final cigarette before bed when Mike causally asked "Today, how did it feel"
A deep concern fell over Grant's face "I was more concerned for the others to really think, but I got to tell you I was shit scared. First time in my life, I thought I was going to die"
Mike hugged his knees "I cant believe it man, its like a nightmare. Our home invaded, we have no idea about our loved ones and we are hiding like rats"
"You were right about not surrendering, that jet today didnt care who we were it just wanted to destroy us"
Mike shook his head "What's to become of us?"
"We can figure that out in the morning, at the moment I need some sleep"
Grant slid into bed the first time in a few hours that he felt utterly safe.
Tao and Aislin were the first ones up. Neither had much sleep the night before they just had too much on there minds.
Back at university both girls would always start the day at Hot Brew, a strong coffee each and a toasted cream cheese bagle which they would share. The news had hit them but it hadnt seemed to have sunked in.
Tao sat at the table talking about how the morning light gave the cabin a fresh low. Aislin prepared the coffee and toasted a bagle as they waited, the aroma permeated through the kitchen and up to the bedrooms. Babs came down rubbing th sleepers from her eyes, she told the girls how she acted as sentry last night, both were curious and wondered if they would have to do it too.
They were discussing the news of the night before, each one still couldnt comprehend what was being thrown at them.
Aislin grabbed her asthma pump from her pocket and took a deep inhale, a sudden dread washed over her, what was going to happen when she ran out of this supply, her pump was important to her and she feared what would happen if they were here for a prolonged time.
Aislin decided to make her fears known.
"Hopefully we will all be back home, safe in our beds before we know it" Tao said hoping to reassure her friend "But we should tell Jimmy and see what he thinks"
"See what I think about what?" Jimmy said as he strolled in through the cabin door.
"We thought you were still in bed?" Aislin said
"I was the last one to do sentry, after I finished the shift I went for a walk by the lake. So what should I know?"
Aislin explained her predicament about her asthma pump. Jimmy nodded clearly concerned "I was also thinking about our food supply also. I dont know how long we are going to be here for but extra food and medical supplies will be needed."
"So what are we going to do?" Tao asked
"Wait to everyone is here and we can discuss it" Jimmy said.
Jimmy spent the next few minutes waken everyone up and calling for a meeting in the lounge.

There were a few moans and groans as everyone got themselves comfortable in the lounge. All of them still had no real idea what they were up against but they all knew they had some choices to make.
Jimmy got the conversation going, he started off by bringing up the issue of food and other provisions, they all were unaware of how long they were going to be at the cabin for and they knew the food was not going to last them long.
"The general store is gone, how are we going to get more food if we cant get back to the city?" Angelique voiced
"I hope we are not going to have to go forging in the bush" Mindy said "Yucky"
"I suggest we try out other cabins and houses in the area, if they are not occupied search them for food and other provisions we may need" Jimmy said
"I agree, we have to keep outselves healthy and alive" Aidan said he than eyed Angelique "I hope you dont take this as stealing?"
Angelique rolled her eyes "Look im sorry about what I said at the general store. I understand that this is a different situation. And we may have to do stuff to survive. But also please respect that I am a Christian and there will be some stuff I cant do"
"We understand that, but you also have to understand, things might change and we cant have you flaking out cause we take a few supplies"
"Im fine with that, I know we have to do what we have to do. And I dont see grabbing supplies from other places as immoral as long as its done in reason and only what we need"
Grant rubbed her hand with his, happy to see Angelique standing up for herself. Usually she hated confrontation she usually got tongue tied and nervous and didnt like to upset people. So to see her standing up for what she believed was great to see.
"I suggest we send a small team out into the countryside who's main purpose is to find food and provision" Mike said
There were nods from all around, "There are different tasks which I hope to split people into groups for, lets work out the food and provisions group" Jimmy said
"I'll go" Jacob said "Nothing like a day trip to get me excited, especially when food is avaliable"
Aislin and Tao both raised there hands, both wanted a challenge and this was an oppturnity to help everyone at the same time.
Aidan was the last one to raise his hand, he really wasnt interested in going out into the countyside in search of food but he had other ideas in his mind, and it was a great oppturnity to do so.
"That's great" Jimmy said "Jacob you can be the team leader, I suggest you all start preparing and plan your first search today"
Aidan shot a look at Jacob who seemed smug that he had been giving the role as team leader, Aidan was not impressed, he should have gotton that position he was more of a leader than Jacob. He guessed because he was a follower at University than he was not suited for leadership.
"So what's next?" Debborah asked "If I must do something it better be damn interesting"
Jimmy nodded "There is something I want to discuss with you Deb, as well as Mike, Babs and Grant, but I'll take care of the other three first"
Jimmy looked at Angelique, Mindy and Rochelle. "You three plus one other will be used as the homebase, we plan to make this cabin secure, and keep track of food, medication etc and scout the area in seach of an alternative hide out just in case its ever needed"
Rochelle who usually would have thought of some sarcastic comeback or complaint remained silent, all she did was nod in agreement. Mindy who was usually Rochelle's shadow stepped out and complained that why did they get the hard job.
"Its the an organisning job, something you three are all good at, its the least dangerous but at the same time one of the most important tasks" Jimmy added
Mindy seemed to sit taller,people usually didnt give Mindy responsibility as they thought she was a bimbo with no brains but deep down Mindy was stronger than she looked, all she ever needed was a little encouragment.
"Are you fine with staying here and doing those tasks Angelique" Jimmy asked
"I'm fine, i'll do the best I can" Angelique said. Angelique was relieved she had gotton this task, even know she told the others she understood, deep down she still felt it was stealing.
"So what about us" Babs said "What do we do?"
Jimmy stood up and paced the room, he took a brief look out the window.
"Last night as you all know I started talking about Sun-Hi. As you all know she is at Debney Bay, which isnt too far from here, I want to go and find her"
Some of the others began to mumble but Jimmy raised his hand to silence them, "I know what you said last night but I wont feel right until Sun-Hi is with us"
"I know your going to hate me, but I want to take a team out to Debney Bay, check out the area and see if there is a chance to get Sun-Hi out"
Voices became raised as some people thought it was too dangerous for him or anyone else to go out at the moment.
Rochelle got emotional so they couldnt go back for her family but it was okay to go and get Sun-Hi. She got up from the sofa and headed back to her room, followed close behind my Mindy.
"I know it's dangerous" Jimmy said "But I wont relax until I know she is ok"
"I dont want to force anyone to go with me, but I know if there are others it will make the task easier." Jimmy looked around the room towards Grant, Mike, Babs and Deborah.
"I'm asking you four if any of you will join me"
Mike who was always up for a challenge, raised his hand "I'm in, and not just because I like an adventure. Sun-Hi is my cousin if anyone should be there to help her than it's me also."
Angelique turned to look at Grant she saw that loyal twinkle in his eyes, he always got it when he stood up for a friends or was defending somone close to him. "Dont you even think about it" she whisper "It's too dangerous, You saw what happened yesterday with the jet, that was only a taste of what could happen"
Grant caressed her hand "I know you're worried but sometimes we have to step away from our comfort zone and help others, as a Christian you would know all about that"
"If you went I would be crazy with worry" Angelique cried
"Im going" Grant said loudly. Angelique gave a sob as she stood up "I cant understand you, you saw what happened yesterday" shaking her head she hurried from the room.
"I'll talk to her, tell her it's what we need to do, she's come through" Grant said feeling a little guilty.
"It's nice to see you considered some of the girls" Babs said "Im glad it wasnt all that macho crap about only guys going.  Sun-Hi is a dear friend of mine, Im glad you think i'm capable of helping, sign me up"
Deborah just gave a simple cool nod "Sure,sounds like a blast". Aislin shook her head from the other side of the room, she couldnt believe her friend, this was not the time to play the rebel card.
Jimmy smiled with satification, he was so lucky to have friends like this,but at the same time he knew there were people here not happy with the choice to go out and get Sun-Hi, he knew it may been a risk but sometimes you have to take risks. He wasnt just gonna go in there blind he was going to prepare as much as possible, but at the end of the day it was going to happen.
Tao was in her room, preparing for stuff to take later that day when Angelique walked in, in a huff. She was quite angry something Tao didnt see alot of. Angelqiue was like all about peace and love and kindness, to see her exploded meant something big was up.
"Are you okay?" Tao asked meekly
Angelique sat on her bed, you could see she wanted to cry but she was holding back. At that moment there was a knock at the door and Grant stuck his head in. "We need to talk" he said.
Tao noticed the serious in his voice she excused herself so they could be alone.
Angelique turned away from his direction and studied her fingernails.Grant sat next to her, no one saying anything,
"Why did you volunteer?" Angelique said softly "I know Jimmy is your friend but why?"
Grant looked into her face and saw the sadness "It's what he would have done" Grant replied "If that was you in Debney Bay he would have been the first to step up"
Angelique gave a weak smile "Grant your loyalty is amazing, I just worry. Jets bombing us, buildings exploding and now you want to go deeper into all this mess"
Grant massaged her hand "Everyhing will be ok,we are going to go to Debney Bay and bring Sun-Hi here. smooth sailing"
"You dont know that?" Angelique shot back "It could be terrible"
"That's what I'm willing to take,Sun-Hi is a great girl, she's much more of an asset to us, plus she's Jimmy's girl" Grant leaned over and kissed her on the cheek "Dont be mad at me, I couldnt stand it if you were mad at me"
The kiss seemed to warm Angelique up, she knew she couldnt stay mad at him long, she just didnt have it in her.
"I understand why you have to do it, I dont like it but i'm not going to stay mad at you"
Grant kissed her on the lips "That's my girl" he gave ger a wink as he proceeded to kiss her again. Angelique sighed and she felt herself starting to melt. She kissed him back she liked the sweet taste on his lips she could stay in this moment forever. She felt Grant's kisses getting stronger, a warm feeling ran through her as his hands caressed her arms.
"I love you Grant" she whispered, Grant smiled and whispered it back to her.
"Hey this isnt a hotel" a voice said from behind them, they oth turned to see Mike at the door, he stuck his head in and gave his goofy grin, "Everything alright in here?" he asked
The couple nodded than Grant tossed a pillow at him telling him to get out. Mike could be heard laughing down the hallway.
"Promise me when you go, you will come back safe" Angelique said "I promise" Grant replied, even know he didnt know what was in store for him.

Jacob and the rest of his team stood by Deborah's car. She was not happy with them using her car especially after what happened to Jimmy's car. She made Aislin pinky swear that the car would return in the same condition.
"That wont be hard, its a hunk of junk" Aidan joked
"A hunk of junk which has been loyal to me for years" Deborah bit back.
The four had been told by Jimmy, that they were to goto unoccupied homes and briong back food, medicine and other stuff they believed may be useful.
Aislin was glad she was on this team, she hoped to find asthma pumps otherwise she worried what was going to happen when this one ran out.
"Goodluck" the other said as they shared a round of hugs with everyone.
Originally they thought it was going to be a day trip, but Jimmy told them to check as much as the area as possible, they were to be no longer than 48 hours. They stuffed a few blankets and pillows into the boot, if they couldn't find an empty house they would be forced to sleep in the car"
Aislin jumped into the driver's seat, Jacob had called shotgun, which annoyed Aidan as that what the position he liked to have. Aidan grumbled to himself and slid in next to Tao.
The four gave a wave as they drove off.
As the others headed back into the cabin Angelique stood and waited for the car to disappear, se clasped her hands together and said a prayer for them, she hoped nothing bad would happen to them.
Already with four missing people the caib felt empty, it was only a matter of time before even more people would be heading out. How lonely it was going to be with just four people.
Angelique headed off to the kitchen deciding to prepare some snacks for people. Mindy and Rochelle grabbed some towels and headed off to the lake to do some sun baking. Rochelle seemed to have recovered from the other night she was still a little shaken but she must have gained some composture because she was back to her bitchy sarcastic self, Mindy was doing her best in helping her friend she was like a modern day Florence Nightingale as she made Rochelle hot drinks and made sure Rochelle had company.
Jimmy and the others spent the better part of the day in the study. The study was a strong masculine room, large oak desk, old paintings hung on the walls, bookshelves stuffed with books, 2 solid and stuff looking sofas. 
It was Jimmy's late grandfather's room, untouched since his death 10 years ago.
Jimmy sat in his grandfathers old chair, his feet resting on the table. Deborah sat on the large oriental rug. Babs was looking through the book case and Grant and Mike were lounging on the two sofa's.
"I want to thank you all again for stepped up to help me. We have alot of planning to do. I want to head out to Debney Bay in a week's time"
"So soon"Babs said
"The sooner the better, until Sun-Hi is here I wont be able to sleep"
Jimmy flipped open his small notebook which detailed the plan he had formed while he was on sentry duty the night before.
"We will travel by car as far as possible, as we dont know what is actually happening I think its safer if we hide the car after a certain distance, than walk the rest on foot"
Jimmy looked at the other four, no one had questions yet, so he continued;
"Next we scout the area, check it out to see if it's safe to proceed, we than send two further into the town to check it out if its safe we can all go and find Sun-Hi"
"And what if it isnt safe?" Mike asked
"If it isnt safe, we continue to scout the area, and take the safest option to get Sun-Hi out"
Nobody in the room really realised what was going to happen, none of them knew what they were going to face at Debney Bay.
"But we will do this we will be succesful and Sun-Hi will be safe"Jimmy said with a smile.
"What happens if something has happened at the town, what if there are enemies there, how are we going to defend oursleves" Deboorah asked, the other three nodded also.
"Are you talking weapons?" Jimmy asked "I agree with you Deb, we do need weapons but I also must ask are any of you capable of using them if they are needed"
The room was silent nobody spoke they were all too busy looking at eachother waiting for another to speak"
"I dont know If I could" Babs said " I mean this is all new to us, im still trying to asborb that our country has been invaded. I have never had to attack someone"
"Until im faced with the threat, I dont know what I could do" Grant said.
"What if I said, we had some guns, and that we should take a couple just in case"
The four were stunned with what Jimmy has said, just the mention of guns sent shivers down all their spines.
"What are you doing with guns" Babs asked
"My grandfather liked to collect guns, and he liked to goto the target range once a month"
"What do you have?" Mike asked seriously
"We have 1 rifle, a shot gun and 2 pistols"
"That's alot of guns" Grant said, he knew just the talk of guns meant this was going to be a serious operation.
"We are not the military, maybe we should leave the guns alone" Babs said
"I think we should take some guns" Deborah said "Just in case, if the enemy is there, at least with a gun there we have a fair chance"
"Could you fire a gun, giving the chance" Mike asked
Deborah shurgged her shoulders "With practise, Im sure I could, if it was between me and some scumbag who has invaded my country"
"The others are not going to like this" Grant said "Especially Angelique, we all thought this was going to be a safe mission"
"Nothing is safe, and Miss Christian has to learn to grow up" Deborah said "Would she rather you captured or dead Grant, or alive"
"The others dont have to know" Mike added "The less people that know the better" Jimmy and Deboroh nodded.
Grant and Babs could see the other three wanted the added security of guns, they were still unsure if it was a good idea"
"The thing with guns is sometimes innocent people get hurt" Babs said
"We are not stupid, we are only going to use them if needed, and we also will have some training before we go"
"Well Grant and I have had some training" Mike said looking at Grant. That camp we went on last year, that taught us survival skills, also had a section on guns"
"It was amazing" Grant added "I got alot out of it"
"So is that a yes?" Jimmy asked
A light breeze blew through the study window, a little patter of rain brushed against the window.
"As long as it's all done right" Mike said
"And at the end of the day, we may not even need them" Jimmy added
"As long as I dont have to fire one, I dont mind us taking a couple, as long as we do it right" Babs added
There was a creak at the door, all five spun around to see Rochelle at the door. Her face was pale and her eyes were nearly bulging out of her head. "I cant belive you guys, we are innocent university students not G.I Joes and G.I Janes. You are going to get yourselves all killed. Than what I'm left with Mindy and Angel." Rochelle shook her head and was going to leave but was stopped by Jimmy.
"Dont say anyting Rochelle, we dont want everyone knowing"
"We are all in this together they have a right to know, that you five are going off on your own little war"
"Think about Sun-Hi" Jimmy said "She's your friend"
"Yes she is a great friend, but why must all the strong people go and rescue her, that is just stupid. If something bad happens what will happen to the rest of us"
For the first time that thought crossed the mind of the others, she was right, they were all so sure that this was going to be an easy mission but what if something did happen.
"Rochelle makes sense" Mike said "One of us guys really need to stay here"
All three guys looked at eachother, "Jimmy we know Sun-Hi is your girlfriend but this is your cabin and you know this area well so you would be a natural to make this place secure" Mike said
Are you saying I should be the one to stay, even know it's my girlfriend" Jimmy asked shocked
"We know this is important to you, but it might be better if you werent so involved. You have to much heart in it the issue" Grant added "We know you want to be involved but let us handle it"
Jimmy was at odds he knew what they were trying to say but he also knew he wanted to be the one to rescue Sun-Hi like a white knight"
They continued to talk around the idea of who should stay and who should go. In the end eve know it was against his better judgement Jimmy agreed that he would be the one to stay.
Angelique knocked on the door saying she had prepared an afternoon snack, they all filed out of the study except for Jimmy and Grant.
"It's the right thing" Grant said "I know you want to be in the front lines to help Sun-Hi, but have faith that we will do the right thing"
"I know mate, just bring her home safe" Both boys exchage a brief hug "We will mate"
Grant walked out, leaving Jimmy alone, he sat at the desk, and flipped open his wallet which held a photo of Sun-Hi "We are coming honey, just a little while longer"

After dinner Rochelle headed up to her bedroom. Jimmy was outside with Mindy, it was her turn to do sentry for the next two hours and he was showing her what she had to do.
Knowing Mindy she was sure to mess it up some way. Mindy was bright alot of the time her dumb blonde rountine was just an act to get the guys.
Rochelle headed off to the bathroom, she planned to have herself a relaxing hot bath. She added some bathsalts and than slide into the hot bath, letting it soothe her tired body.
The last two days had been utter madness, she hoped by the end of it it had driven her insane. She knew some of them thought she was cracking up because of what happened but she was just emotional, it seemed like the others didnt care about there families and friends back home, but she did. She worried about her parents and her sister and her boyfriend E.J, she worried what was happening to them at this moment, she really had to know if they were okay. Thats why when the others went to Debney Bay there would be hardly anyone here to stop her from going back to the city. Let them think what they wanted, but when she had the oppturnity she was going to go back to the city, she might even bring them back here, where it was safe.
A satisfied grin crossed her face as she sunk deeper in the hot water.
Jimmy had given Mindy the easy shift to start off with, he than headed back inside saying heh ad to take care of some detatils. Mindy choose to remain on the porch, a light drizzle of rain had formed and Mindy didnt want to mess her hair.
Mindy looked out into the darkness, at the small half cresent moon and the spotted sparkling stars in the sky.
Mike stepped out onto the deck a glass of beer and a cigarette. He liked his alcohol but he wasnt a big smoker, only when he was around Grant did Mike add smoking to his list of vices.
Mike smiled as he appraoched her "I thought I might keep you company for awhile if you dont mind" he said with a lazing grin.
"Not at all, so lonely out her by myself, so its good to have company"
Mike took a drag of his cigarette and let out a long stream of smoke, he turned to look at Mindy, she looked so great in the moonlight.
"I hope the others are okay, I know there not the usual crowd I had with at University, but we are all in this together, and we need to stick together" Mindy knew she was babbling but she couldnt help it, out of the corner of her eye she could see Mike looking at her and it made her nervous. "Do I have something hanging from my mouth" Mindy asked
Mike was taken aback, "Not at all, I was just thinking about that party we all went to a few weeks ago at Laura's house.You know how we played 2 minutes in Heaven?"
Mindy blushed wondering why Mike was bring it up, they shared a hot and steam kiss in the closet, which shereally enjoyed. Mike was a great guy he knew how to party and have a good time but he was also known as a terrible flirt, so Mindy never really made much out of the kiss.
Mike gave her a shy smile "This whole talk of war has gotton me thinking how short life can be, and I really dont want to leave with any regrets"
Mindy was puzzled she had no idea where this talk was going.
"When we return to the city, I was wondering if you wanted to go see a movie with me" he flashed her a cheeky grin.
Mindy was taken aback "Sure, if you really want to, I never thought you liked me like that"
Mike blushed himself "Many people view me as a flirt or ladies man, and at times I can be, but when i'm around girls I like I get fluttered"
Mindy smiled shyly "You like me?"
"Ever since that night at the party, I have liked you, but didnt know how am going asking you"
"Oh you silly man, I've liked you too" Mindy than did something she normally wouldnt do, strike it up to her nerves, she leaned forward and planed a kiss on his lips. Mike responded eagerly and kissed her back harder, than sat back with a sigh "That was good" he smiled
"It's such a shame, that we discover this now, here" Mindy said "I want this war to end soon, so we can get back with our lives"
"And go on a date" Mike added cheekily. Mindy giggled.
Jimmy stuck his head out the window and called Mike in, he said he needed to discuss something with him. Jimmy also told Mindy that being a sentry was an important task, she had to stay alert.
Mindy have Jimmy a face after he closed the widow "Bloody dictator" she said with a smile as she popped a wad of pink gum into her mouth.
She looked back at the sky it was so peaceful, it looked so innocent. It was than she saw a shooting star glide across the night sky. She closed her eyes and made a wish.
A wish for peace and harmony.
With Aislin and Tao gone out on a mission Deborah felt alone. There was so much to talk about and her two friends where not here to discuss it with her. She knew Tao would be all logical while Aislin would be all heart about the matter, that's why they made such great friends they were opposites but they both were good friends.
She passed Rochelle's room and recevied an icy glare, she knew Rochelle still resented her all because Tristan choose to see her. Deborah wondered what Tristan was doing now, was he thinking about her, was he in hiding also. She returned the icy glare with a smile. Grant's door was open but he was on his bed dozing. Angelique was in her room praying, she didnt know how someone who seemed so sensible could believe in a God, surely a loving God would have not allowed there country to be invaded.
She headed downstairs and poured herself a glass of vodka and orange, she sat in the empty lounge and casually sipped in. Her mind was full of details, she was nervous about going on the mission to Debney Bay, all the possibilites flooded through her mind and she wondered if she was making the right choice.
Everyone saw her as strong and fearless, but this war scared her to the bone, none of them knew how bad it was. None of them even had a clue would could happen to them.
She downed her drink and went and poured herself another, the warm feeling was floating to all parts of her body, it was making her feel at ease.
She curled up as she sipped at her comfort drink, she hoped her friends were as comforable as she was.

The four on the food mission had only found one place so far. It was a cabin but not as grand as the Bain cabin, from the looks of it there were people occupying the place just a few days ago. It still had that lived in smell.
The fridge was off, but they found some dry ingredients in the cupboards, enough to make 2 bags.
Tao wrinkled her nose as she scooped the 3 tins of sardines into the bag, she was not a fan of sardines but she was sure someone was. JAislin was at the other end of the kitchen nosing about in the pantry.
acob had given her and Aislin the task of searching the kitchen.
Jacob was checking the lounge and bedrooms while Aidan volunteered to search the bathroom.
Tao and Aislin found dry noodes,other tinned food and a stable of flour, sugar and coffee. Jacob returned with blankets and two heavy duty torches.
Aidan who took the longest returned with a box of bandaids, asprin and 2 hot water bottles.
"You took all that time for those items" Jacob said
Aidan shurgged his shoulders and said he had to use the bathroom as well.
A light rain started to fall, nobody really wanted to sleep in the car, so they suggested they all rug up and spend the night in the lounge.
Jacob went out and got some wood, and started a roaring fire in the fireplace. The four sat around getting warm, sharing a small meal and engaging in small talk. Jacob tried to get a game going but they were all too tired to really  give it a go.
They all wanted to be up early in the morning, so they decided to call it an early night. Aislin looked at the clock on the mantle piece, she couldn't believe it was ony 9pm.
They could hear the wind outside, it was like a small howling noise, the rain pelted on the windows and a tress with over hung branches tapped at the glass windows.
Aidan layed apart from the others, he heard each of them fall asleep. Aidan was really hanging, it had been a stressful day  with all thesneaking around and Jacob lording it over them all he needed something to relax him, he wished he had brought a joint with him but than again Jacob would have frowned at the notion.
He silent slipped his hand into his pocket and pulled out a small packet of pills he had found in the bathroom. He read the label again "valium" he gave a wiry smile and popped 2 pills in his mouth. He fluffed up his pillow and relaxed, it wasnt long before he felt his body relax, he gave a sigh and snuggled into his blankets.


In the next episode of Hidden Fire;
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  • Angelique finds out Babs secret
  • Angelique freaks out over news she hears
  • Jacob, Aidan, Aislin and Tao face some opposition
  • One of the friends is nearly spotted by an enemy jeep
  • The group prepare to goto Debney Bay to rescue Sun-Hi

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