Episode #3

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Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgement that something else is more important than fear.
                                                  ------Ambrose Redmoon

Jimmy lined up the empty soft drink cans and hurried back to  Grant, Mike, Babs and Deborah. He had called them together last night and told them they were going to have some target practise they needed the experience.
Grant was worried how they were going to do it with Angelique and Mindy hanging around surely they would have strong words against the use of guns. Angelique because of her Christian background and Mindy because she was such a gentle girl.
Rochelle said she would handle it, Rochelle and the other two girls went for a boat ride just up the lake. Angelique was shocked when Rochelle had asked, but Rochelle smiled and said it was going to be a blast.
So right about now they were having a ball taking a boat ride further up the lake. Rochelle had taken a small radio in the hopes of drowning out the sound.
Deborah and Babs each had a pistol. Deb clutched her's like she was a member of Charlies Angels, while Babs held hers like it would attack her at any moment.
Jimmy who was used to being around guns, having gone on hunted trips with his grandfather. Deb fired first, and she was spot on the bullet splitting a soda can.
Babs let out a scream as she fired completly missing the target and hitting a tree. When she raised the pistol again her hand was shaking. "I dont know" she sighed "I'm hopeless"
Grant wandered over to her "You're not hopeless, your just not used to it" Grant helped Babs raise her hand, helping with her shakes. "Just imagining the can in your mind, point and fire"
Babs closed her eyes for a split second, letting calm engulf her, she than opened her eyes, pointed the pistol and fired. Hitting the can, making it spin and drop. Babs gave a gleeful giggle and hi-fived Grant.
"Did you imagine the can" Mike said mocking Grant.
"Nope I imagined one of those scum bag enemies"
"Good choice" Deb commented
The group tried the pistols a few more times, than they turned to the rifles.
The guys did a great ob, even know Grant forgot about the recoile and nearly damaged his shoulder.The girls decided against using the rifles they were too heavy and they found it difficult to aim properly.
"Will stick with the pistols" Deb said as she picked up one again and aimed at a lone coke can, she aimed and fired again, shattering the can.
"Aint you a cowgirl in disguise" Jimmy said with a prouds smile.
The two girls headed back to the cabin to prepare lunch while the boys tried the rifles a few more times. Jimmy and Mike were naturals Grant found it a little hard, and said he hoped he never had to fire one for real as he would probably do more damage to himself than the enemy.
The guys were walking back to the cabin with the guns when they heard the crunching of twigs and leaves. They turned around to see Rochelle, Mindy and Angelique. Rochelle had her usual bored expression on her face even know she had seen the guns. Mindy and Angelique were another matter, both had mouths dropped as they eyed the guns.
"What are you doing?" Mindy asked "What are the guns for?"
A deep frown crossed Angelique's face she was not happy, she stared at Grant but he looked away.
"There going to take guns with them to Debney Bay"Angelique said "How could you all be so stupid"
"Guns are dangerous, your liable to get shot" Mindy added
Angelique shook her head and started to walk off but Grant grabbed her by the wrist "Dont go let me explain"
"Expain what, that you guys want to take guns on a mission that is already dangerous"
"Dont be stupid Angel" Mike said "We are only taking them for security, we are only going to use them if we need to"
"I dont want to hear it, guns are dangerous. And what if you do come across an enemy solider, are you really going to shoot, that is murder"
"It's survival" Jimmy added "No murder, they invaded our country do you just want to sit back and let them in"
"I hate bloodshed, let them have the country as long as we are all safe"
"How can you even say that" Rochelle said with hate in her voice"Who knows what these people are doing to your family as we speak, I hate them, given the chance I would shoot them too"
Mindy who hated confrontation started to cry, Rochelle quickly soothed her "It's going to be okay" Mike looked on and wished he was the one hugging the sad girl.
"How can you say that?" Mindy said meekly "We have friends going off on a dangerous misson to rescue Sun-Hi, and now you are talking about taking guns, I agree with Angelique, its getting too dangerous"
"We are not proffesionals, we are only university students" Angelique said
"We are stronger than we think" Jimmy said "And I understand how you feel about guns but we are not going to back down"
"Than your all dumber than I thought, go and get yourselves killed, havent we got enough problems without adding extra" Anelique walked off in a huff, Mindy than shook her head in disappointment and followed suit.
Grant was going to go after Angelique but Jimmy stopped him "Let her cool off, she'll come to her senses. We cant change our plans because of one person" Jimmy said
"Esepcially when that person is a christian fanatic, I mean the bible is full of bloodshed. And did you hear her response she wants these animals here" Rochelle said "Grant your dating a wacko"
"Oh shut up Rochelle" Grant said annoyed "Must you always be such a bitch" Grant stormed off in the opposite direction.
Rochelle shrugged her shoulders "I'll talk to Mindy and explain to her, she'll come to the right way of thinking"
"When do you plan for us to go?" Mike said
"Will clean up this mess about the guns, and get you guys going by the end of the week"
Mike nodded he was surprised that he was actually feeling nervous, the gun training and all this talk of enemies and missions it was really going to happen. He helped Jimmy back with the guns than went up to his room, he needed some time to think.
Grant was fed up, the stress of not knowing what was happening in the city was getting to him. He was gung-ho about going to rescue Sun-Hi, he would do anything for his friends, he agreed that guns were necessary but at the same time they terrified him to the core. Would he have the guts to shoot someone.
Grant walked along the path, until he reached the end of the property, earlier that day they had come out here, removed the letter box and covered the drive way with thick bushes and rocks, to hide the drive way from prying eyes. For amateurs the group did a great job. Anyone passing by would not even think it was an entrance to a driveway.
Grant lit a cigarette and let out a stream of smike, he walked over and sat on a large rock foundation.
For the first time since the general store esplosion he started to have a good cry, it was not something he did in public he had too much pride, but here alone he knew it was going to be alright,it felt good to feel the tears running down his face, he knew he should share his feelings with the others, but he wasnt the type to share his softer side.
In a way he agreed with what Rochelle did the other night, he too wanted to go back to the city and see if his father and other friends were alright. But the way she did it was wrong, going off alone was just plain stupid, who knew what laid ahead. You could end up with a bullet in you before anyone knew you were just an innocent bystander.
Grant decided to go for a longer walk, no one was going to miss him at the moment and he wanted to scout out the area.
He made his way through the make shift bushes and stepped out onto the gravel road. He looked off into the distance and wondered where the road left.
He decided he was going to see where it led.  The sound of birds could be heard in the trees, they were chirping and singing to each other. It sounded so peaceful, so normal they had no idea that the world around them had changed. He looked up at the sky and felt the warm sun on his face. At that moment all the stress left his body.
He was so preoccupied he didnt hear the sound in the distance getting louder and louder, for a second he thought it was another strange bird singing a song.
The cigarette dropped from his mouth and rolled onto the gravel road. He turned around as he recognised the sound of an appraoching car. He knew it wasnt Jacob and the others, they werent due back until tomorrow.
A worried expresson crossed his face as he could see the car jeep fast appraoching, not knowing if they were friend or foe. With the jeep fast approaching Grant had no other option but to dive into the nearest bushes. Branches scraped against his bare arms and at his face, he wanted to cry out but he knew he had to remain silent. He crawled along in the bushes, sinking as low as his body could let him, the ground was still damp, mud was clinging to his face and clothes, it was an awful feeling but he had himself to blame for not keeping alert.
If anyone wanted to know what mud tasted like they could ask him from now on.
The jeep seemed to slow down, Grant's heart began to race, he was worried that whoever was in the jeep was going to hear his heart thumping.  Grant kept his breathing to a minimun as he did his best to see who was in the jeep.
Both doors of the jeep opened and two guys dressed in a militray attire he didnt recognise hoped out speaking in a language he didnt understand.
A feeling of fear mixed with realisation rushed through him, seeing the jet bomb the general store was one thing but seeing these people, the enemy walk around turned his stomach.
One of the guys laughed, he had a rifle slung over his shoulder, the other said something and began to walk over towards the bushes where Grant layed.
Grant began to shake, for the first time in his life he was scared, he prayed that the soldier  was going to stop. Otherwise he would walk right on top of him, and he wondered what he would say to these people if they peered down and saw him laying in the mud. Sorry guys, im in the middle of a mud bath to help with my complexion, can you come back later. Grant held back a giggle, why was it during stressful moments he always wanted to laugh.
The solider walked closer he was on the edge of the gravel and ready to step into the bushes. Grant knew he couldnt crawl back any further, too noisey so he lay there and did the first thing that came to his mind, he prayed hoping they didnt come any closer he was a goner if they did, he wished he had taken one of the pistols with him on the walk, than again was he savage enough to use it.
The walking stopped and for a brief second Grant thought they had discovered him..

Aislin parked the car behind a thick layer of bushes, anyone passing by would not have noticed it was there unless they had really great eye sight.
The four slipped out of the car and made there way up the driveay of the next cabin. Tao streched her aching back sleeping on that hard cabin floor the night before had been extreamly uncomfortable, she hoped there wouldnt be too many simillar nights of that.  Jacob was in the lead, peering all around, while Aidan took up the rear. The enemy may have not reached this far but security was a biggie for them, better to be safe than dead. Tao and Aislin walked casually along talking in hushed tones, they were all excited by the mission giving to them, but they were worried about not being with the others, there was definetly more safety in bigger numbers.
"So you think Jacob or Aidan is cuter?" Tao asked. Aislin was taken by surprise, it was not something she had bothered to think about before. Jacob is kinda cute, but his so bloody quiet and I've seen him go off over the littest issues"
"I've always found Aidan very handsome" Tao commented "You think he would ever want to date me?"
Aislin held back a giggle, she couldnt believe that Tao, the girl most likely to succed in life had a crush on Aidan.
"Well im not sure if he is your type"
"What you mean, his not into asian or im not a party girl" Tao asked
Aislin chuckled again "I've known Aidan a few years, in all that time I've never him date a girl."
"I dont understand he doesnt strike me as the shy type"
"Oh come on Tao, for someone so bloody smart"
Tao was about to respnd but Jacob hushed them "We are appaching the cabin"
"Why do we have to be so quiet"Aidan asked "There's no one there, why are we sneaking around like rats"
"Better to be safe than sorry" Jacob replied "Now Aidan and Tao, you two head around the back way, Aislin and I will check the frot entrance.
Aidan and Tao nodded and disappeared behind a line of trees as they edged there way to the back of the cabin. Aislin wasnt sure but she thought she saw a gleam of excitment when Tao was paired up with Aidan.
Aislin moved behind Jacob and followed close behind him, the edged closer to the cabin, Jacob motioned for her to peer into one of the windows while he peered into another.
"See anything?" Jacob whispered
Aislin shook her head, the cabin was quiet. Jacob motioned Aislin to follow him as they headed over to the front door. Jacob tried the doorknob, to his surprise it opened, a strange feeling ran through his body, it just didnt feel right.
"Stay here, while I check it out" Jacob pushed the door open, the creaking of the door  scared both of them it was too loud.
Aislin stepped back fearing that someone was going to pounce out from behind a sofa.
"Seems fine in here" Jacob said, Aislin followed in meekly.
It was than they heard the shattering of glass coming from the back of the cabin, "What the hell?" Jacob said
Aislin looked at Jacob a look of terror on her face, he barked at her to get out of the cabin while he went to check on the noise.
Aislin did what he said, she bolted out of the cabin, and headed to the window she had checked out before, she took a peek inside.
Jacob was hiding behind a sofa as a shadowery figure entered the lounge area.

Angelique was in her room praying and worrying. Grant had gone off and he still hadnt returned. She was no longer angry just afraid. Just the mere mention of guns always sent shivers down her spine, there were too many senseless killings with guns, she was glad when her country made it illegal to keep firearms, she wondered how the Bain's were able to keep theres, it was probably due to them being rich and having some key politcal contacts.
She really needed to talk to someone but she had no idea whom, the only real person here who supporterd her notions of guns was Mindy, but with Rochelle so clearly supporting the use of guns, it wouldnt be time before her shadow followed suit.
Jimmy and Mike were defintly out, neither would really care about how she felt. Deborah was a strong choice but when she got down to it, she wasnt a big fan of Deborah, many times on campus Deborah had mocked Angelique and other members of Christ on Campus. In the end she decided on Babs, Babs was always a great listener, and always willing to hear people out.
Angelique finished her prayers with aking God for the safety of all, and wisdom for her.
Angelique was about to hear downstairs, most likely Babs was in the kitchen, that girl put away so much food yet she was about to keep her good figure. Angelique wished she was also like that but no she feared even a piece of chocolate cake, fearing it would go straight on her hips.
She walked along the hallway, and was about to go downstairs when she decided to use the bathroom, she headed over to the nearest one and flung open the door not expecting anyone to be in there.
She gave a surprised shock, Babs was kneeling on the floor her head in the bowling throwing up.
"Oh my goodness, are you alright?" Angelique asked thinking her friend was ill.
"Shut the bloody door and get out" Babs cried
Angelique was shocked by Babs nasty response, but she obeyed as she backed out and closed the door.
Angelique headed back to her room not knowing what to do, she was now worried that her friend may be ill, it was a really bad time to be sick.
Ten minutes had passed when a soft knock cam from the door. "Come in"Angelique called
Babs stuck her head i, looking guilty she flashed Angelique a friendly smile "Can we talk?"
Angelique gave a nod, Babs walked in and sat on her own bed "I want to apoligise for what I said in the bathroom, you just interupted me, Im sorry for what I said. I didnt want to sound nasty"
"That's ok Babs, I should have knocked first. Are you alright"
"Why do you ask?" Babs asked
"I just saw you being sick in the bathroom, if your sick you need to tell us"
"Honey, I'm fine" Babs seemed to think for a moment "I just had something bad"
Angelique could tell Babs was lying, the way she avoided eye contact gave it away, but she would wait for Babs to tell her in her own time.
"Babs I need to discuss something with you?"
"It's about the guns isnt it honey?"

Grant knew if he was discovered he only had one option. Run as fast as possible and away from the cabin so they couldn't locate the others.
The soldier gazed around, Grant was getting frustrated, he wanted them to do something instead of just standing there.
Than it happened the guy unzipped his pants and started to take a leak.
Grant wanted to roll in the mud and laugh until his sides ached, there was nothing suspicious about these two, they had just stopped to relieve themselves. Grant just prayed none of it splashed on him. The guy standing near the jeep muttered a couple of words to the other solider, the soldier laughed , zipped up and headed back to the jeep.
In less than a minute the jeep zoomed off,and Grant breathed a sigh of relief.He lay on the ground for a full five minutes, it seemed longer but he wanted to know for sure the jeep was gone.
Grant stood up just the enemy being in the area made him nervous. He bolted across the road and headed straight for the cabin, the others had to know what just happened.

The floor to the lounge creaked as the shadowery figure crept in. Jacob from his hidden spot saw a set of shoes appear, it was than he pounced up, letting out a large screech.
The shadowery figure jumped back in fright, another voice screamed from the doorway.
It was than Jacob recognised the shadow in front of him, Aidan stared back a scornful look on his face "What were you trying to do, give me a heart attack"
Jacob breathed a sigh "Sorry, didnt know it was you guys, Aislin and I heard the sound of breaking glass, and assumed the worst"
Tao walked into the room, the fear draining from her "The door was locked and we wanted to get in,so Aidan broke the glass no biggie"
Aislin appeared in the doorway "Gee you guys, we didnt know who you were"
Aislin went and hugged Tao.
"Let's check the rest of the cabin guys" Jacob said "We have been here too long already"
Aidan headed off to the bathroom, annoyed that yet again Jacob was telling him what to do.
Aidan scanned the bathroom medicine cabinet, not much in there, he grabbed the bandaids and cough medicine. He decided to head to the bedroom, if they had any stuff, they may have been keeping it there.
The bedroom was nicely furnished, a large double bed, and 2 chocolate brown bed side tables, he headed and began looking trough one of them. What was with the person who lived in this cabin they were so square.
He opened the second bedside table it was there he found a packet of cigarettes, which he pocketed for Grant. "Nothing" he muttered aloud.
"Nothing what?" Aislin said, Aidan spun around to see Aislin standing in the doorway. "I meant there is nothing in this room useful to us"
Aislin shrugged her shoulders "Than lets move on" Aislin turned and headed out. "Nosey bitch" Aidan thought as he walked over to check the closet.
Tao smiled and poked her head in the room "Time to go Aidan"
"Well this cabin was a let down" Jacob said when they were all in the lounge"
"This whole area isnt going to be helpful" Aidan said "There holiday cabins, hardly anyone wil be here"
"Can we just go back to the cabin"Tao said "We can suggest going some place else to search"
Jacob nodded "But the further we go, the more dangerous it will be,especially as we dont know how far the enemy is"
"See what Jimmy thinks" Aislin said, she started to head for the door, when she heard the sound of a car appraching, from where she stood she could see the headlights.
"Someone's coming" Aislin whispered.
"Out the back" Jacob barked "now"
Aidan flew towards the back of the cabin, Tao was following in hot pursuit.  Aislin began to run but tripped over the edge of the rug, she fell hard onto the cabin floor and cried out in pain.
Jacob stopped, and ran back he bent down and started to help her up.
Aislin cried out again in pain "My ankle, it hurts"
Jacob looked up to see that the car had parked, he heard the sound of a car door opening.
"Come on Aislin you have to get up" Jacob scooped his arms under Aislin's arms and helped her up. She slung an arm his shoulder and started to hobble, holding back the urge to cry out in pain, she truly hoped it was only a sprain.
"Faster" Jacob whispered, they hurried through the kitchen, it was there they heard a voice coming from the entrance of the cabin.
Aidan was waiting at the backdoor, he helped Jacob get Aislin through the backdoor and together they met up with Tao who was shovering in the bushes.
Dusk was fast approaching,which was good as they were able to blend into the bushes.
A guy stepped out in the back porch wild, and cursing. The group in the bushes didnt know if he was the enemy or just the ownder of the cabin.
Jacob motioned for them to move along the bushes, they had to get out of the area and go back to the cabin, a place where they would be safe.
As they crawled along, they could see the men fly into a rage.
"I would be mad too" Aidan said "If someone went through my stuff"
They were nearly at there car, when they saw the man fly out of the cabin and hop back into his car, the door slammed and moments later his car was flying down the street.
"Hopefully he might assume it was the enemy, searching his place" Tao piped in
"So do I, if we ever meet him, we better not mention we were at his cabin"
They reached the car, Aislin who was not fit to drive, tossed the keys to Jacob as she hobbled in next to Tao.
Aidan slipped into the front passenger seat "Let's go home team"

Grant had showered and Jimmy made him a strong coffee. Deborah, Rochelle, Mike and Mindy were also present in the lounge.
Grant told them all that happened, which really freaked out the girls. They couldnt believe the enemy had been so close to there cabin.
Jimmy gave Grant and Mike a knowing look, he would have to discuss beefing up the security in the area. He knew some were not going to like it, but maybe the sentry may have to handle a gun.
"I was so scared, I thought they were going to find me for sure, lucky the guy only wanted to take a leek" Grant finished.
"See Mindy thats why we need guns, to protect us.You dont them to harm us to do?" Rochelle asked
Mindy shook her head "I am fearful of guns, I dont want us getting hurt, but at the same time I dont want them hurting us. As long as you guys are careful, i'm happy with having them, as long as I never have to use one"
Jimmy smiled that was another problem sorted. But he also realised if the enemy was this far in the area, than they must also be in Debney Bay. So even know he said they were to leave in a week's time, he knew he had to say something which some of them were not going to like;
"I'm thinking those headed to Debney Bay should leave tomorrow" Jimmy said wincing, waiting for the explosion.
Mindy was silent, a blank worried look on her face, some colour immediately drained from her face.
Grant had a look of worry also, Grant at times was strong willed he was quick to agree to do something, than when it sunk in he began to think of all the things that could go right or wrong. Grant looked like he was having second thoughts in going, the incident with the jeep today, must have scared him.
Mike was ready willing and able, he was like a loyal foot soldier ready to step into battle,ever since the topic of Debney arised he was eager to get his hands dirty.
Deborah nodded she knew she was one of the stronger ones and thats why she was choosen,she looked ready to prove herself.
Rochelle had that smile on her face, the kind of smile that showed she was up to something, Jimmy didnt know what but he was sure it would surface. Rochelle was a very strong person, she may have been a material girl but she was a fighter. Her hatred for not knowing what was to become of them was good, it meant she would be willing to do stuff if it meant she could get home sooner.
Jimmy expected them to explode but they all seemed calm. Only Mindy was getting emotioal "I worry about you all"
"We will be back before you know it" Deborah said
"It has to be done"Mike added "Things have changed in our country, so we have to change too, we have to learn to be brave, and getting Sun-Hi is one the bravest things we can do"
Grant looked at his friend,he knew Mike was talking about more than what was happening to them. Mike had confided in him years ago about how his parents escaped from China.
"All you guys who are going are very brave" Mindy said, she winked at Mike and he smiled when he saw it.
"So apart from finding Sun-Hi, is there anything else we should be doing while we are on this mission" Deborah asked.
"Gather information, while your there. Find how far the enemy are, who the enemy are, and whatever else you may find valuable" Jimmy replied
"Ohh just like Mata Hari" Mindy commented
"She was shot" Deborah said giving her a dry look
Mindy giggled as she pulled out a piece of gum and popped it into her mouth "You just have to be a better spy" she ended with a giggle.
"So what about the rest of us, what are we going to do?" Rochelle asked
"Make this place secure, draw up a sentry roster, stock up on supplies, etc" Jimmy replied.
"When do we go?" Grant asked quietly
"Tomorrow night, you can take one of the cars, but dont drive all the way there, you're going to have to park, hide the car and go on foot for awhile"
Jimmy broke up the group meeting, saying they would discuss more later. Mindy was given the first job of sentry, she grumbled but headed out to do her shift.
Grant yawned and said he was going to a nap. Rochelle layed back on the sofa and filed her nails.
Deborah and Jimmy started to prepare dinner.
Making sure nobody was Mike slipped out he door and walked over to Mindy.
Grant climbed up the stairs and was heading to his room, in doing so he had to pass the room of Angelique and Babs.
He heard the soft cry of Angelique, he wanted to run in and find out why she was crying, but he held back as he heard Babs talking to her.
"There's no need to cry Angel" Babs soothed "What we are doing is brave and noble. You should be proud Grant stood up to help someone else"
"I know it's a noble cause, And I know Grant always wants to help the less fortunate. I mean do you remember last year he rallied alot of people to give blood and he raised over $10,000 for a homeless soup kitchen. But this is so dangerous"
"It's a dangerous time, you all could have died in the general store bombing. Your lucky to be alive. Now think about Sun-Hi, we dont know what is happening to her, dont you want her to be safe like us"
"I guess, I'm just worried your going to get yourselves hurt or killed"
"Nothing is certain, not even life. You are well aware when our time is up God calls us home. This life is just a dress rehersal, right?"
Angelique seemed to be wavering "I know this mission is important and I dont want to ruin it, but I'm so worried about the guns"
"It's only for safety, we probably wont even use them"
"But what if you have to, what if you shoot someone. how are you going to feel, I mean I know you have a conscience"
"I'll cross that bridge when I come to it, than use stepping the mark" Babs shrugged off the question, she did worry about what might happen but there was no use constantly thinking about it.
"Give me a hug, it's going to work out" Babs said "I promise"
Angelique sniffled the last of her tears and hugged Babs.
Grant smiled and walked silently away, he knew the issue wasnt completly solved but it was moving in a positive step.
Mindy heard the crouching of gravel and knew someone was walking over to her, she didnt have to turn around she knew who it was.
"Hi" a voice said
"Hi Mike" Mindy said turning around with a smile. "I must say you are very brave for going to get Sun-Hi"
"I would do the same for any of my friends"
"Would you do it for me?" Mindy asked meekly
Mike moved closer to her and ran one of his up her arms, it sent goosebumps running through her skin "In an instant"
Mindy leaned into Mike and inhaled his masculine scent with the sweet aroma of his aftershave, "I think of all the time I wasted at University, dating guys I didnt like, when someone as sweet as you was always by my side. I must admit I did take you for a party animal"
"I am but I do have a very emotional and shy side too. I like to party and have fun, and people are natural drawn to popular people, but at the same time I like just having a small group of trusted friends"
Mindy smiled and kissed him, she liked the sweet taste on his lips.There was just the hint of beer on his breathe, hidden behind the aroma of a mint.
Mike moved forward and kissed her harder "The one thing I am going to miss is you while I'm gone, we are just starting this great relationship"
"It'll be here when you get back" Mindy breathed "Now that I know you like me, nothing is gonna ruin it"
Mike held Mindy in his arms, he wanted to stay this way forever, and he didnt care what anyone thought.
At university many of the guys made rude comments about Mindy, about how much of a bimbo she was, and how easy she was to get in the sack. They would have laughed at him, if they saw him tonight, but he didnt care. All that mattered was what his heart told him.
"I know your on duty, but let's walk by the lake" Mike said
Mindy nodded and the two headed towards the lake,  as they walked it seemed both reached out there hands and clasped each other. It was the perfect pictue even if this was a dangerous time.
The two walked along the lake, occasionly giving each other kisses. They were so pre-occupied with eachother, neither of them heard the sound of a car, slowing driving up. Only when the car stopped did both look back startled.
"Oh my god" Mike breathed "Stay here Mindy while I go check it out"
The love inside of Mindy turned into fear, how could she have neglected her duty, what if that was an enemy car, and now she had no chance to warn the others.
Mindy ducked behind a large rock, while Mike edged closer and closer to get a better view.
Darkness made it impossible to see the car, and Mike couldnt tell how many people hoped out of it.
From inside the cabin there was a simillar reaction, the car had driven in with no headlights. Jimmy and Deborah sprinted over and peered out the window.
"Flick the lights, he barked to a startled Rochelle"
Rochelle hurried over and flicked the lights, a tinge of fear in her eyes, she than waited in the darkness to see what would happen next.

In the next episode of Hidden-Fire;
  • Jacob discovers pills in Aidan's possessions that are clearly not his
  • Angelique gives Grant her blessing about the "gun issue"
  • Mike, Grant, Babs and Debrorah begin there journey to Debney Bay
  • Rochelle puts her own plan into motion, but will a friend stop her?
  • Rochelle and Deborah have it out about Tristan

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