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"If only there were evil people somewhere insidiously committing evil deeds, and it were necessary only to separate them from the rest of us and destroy them.

But the line dividing good and evil cuts through the heart of every human being, and who is willing to destroy his own heart?" ---

                           Alexander Solzhenitsyn

The sun was beaming high in the sky, covered only by a small cluster of fluffy white clouds. A fresh cool breeze hung in the air it was a perfect summer day.

Thick bushes and trees covered the sides of the road, in the distance lush green hills stood proudly for all to see.

Three cars were travelling down a long isolated road, the cars had been travelling for over three hours; the last cars they had seen had been over an hour ago. They were now passing small isolated farms; they hadn’t seen a person in ages but cows and horses were bountiful.  The people in the cars were enjoying the scenic route of the countryside.

A black convertible was in the lead, following close behind was a silver four wheeled drive, a little further back than the others was a beat up green datsun.

The silver four wheeled drive, suddenly sped up and moved across to the other side of the road as it aligned itself with the black convertible.

A handsome guy named Jimmy with short spiky blonde hair and a kind lopsided smile rolled down his car window and stuck his head out. The Asian guy in the convertible rolled down his window

“We are coming to a fork in the road, turn left and keep going until we reach the general store. Stop as we need to pick up some supplies”

“Yeah like beer man” the Asian guy said as he floored the accelerator and sped off laughing.


The three passengers in the car with the Asian guy laughed as they left the other cars for dust.

“Get us there in one piece Mike” the tall, short russet haired guy in the front passenger seat said as he fumbled for his packet of cigarettes on the dashboard.

Live in the fast lane Grant mate” Mike said with a cheeky smile as he turned the music that was blaring down a few notches.

Grant fingered a cigarette from the packet and lights it, blowing out a stream of smoke in Mike’s direction.

“Crack open a window mate, I don’t want to choke on that crap” Mike said as he rolled down his window.

Grant laughed as he blew out another stream of smoke before also rolling down his window.

In the back seat, two girls saw giggling, Rochelle a tall slim mocha coloured girl with a long whip of black hair and dark oval eyes sat filing her nails and she chatted with Mindy a bubbly and sometimes ditzy platinum blonde haired girl next to her.

“So Grant” Rochelle purred in a sympathetic tone“Why aren’t you in the same car with your girlfriend Angelique, did you two have a fight?”

“No we didn’t have a fight; just because we are an item doesn’t mean we have to be with each other 24/7. Maybe if you weren’t so clingy you and Tristan would still be together.”

A gasp came from Rochelle no one ever talked to her like that; Mindy tried to smother a giggle and received daggers from Rochelle.

“I broke up with him remember, he didn’t care about me, all he cared about was his basketball, there are plenty of fish in the sea” Rochelle glared at Grant.

“Break out the violins” Mike joked

“Why are the other cars both so slow” Mindy said as she peered out the back window. Jimmy’s car has stopped and I can’t even see Deborah's datsun”

“I’ll be surprised if Deborah’s hunk of junk even makes it to the cabin” Rochelle said “I can’t believe Jimmy even invited Deborah, the girl is a total tramp”

“Now now sour grapes” Grant said “Just because she is dating Tristan now, no need to get feisty”

“Like I care whom he dates, I am just glad his too sick to come on this trip” Rochelle spat “And anyway I’m with E.J now and he worships the ground I walk on”

The other three choose to ignore Rochelle’s last comment; they knew it must hurt Rochelle that her ex was seeing someone else, and that person had to be the rebellious Deborah Monk. 

Rochelle flipped open her compact mirror to check her eye shadow. Mindy looked on as she chewed a wad of pink gum. Grant eyed the two in the backseat, he was glad he was going on this trip and even knew his friends had flaws he loved them all.

“Hey Jimmy’s car has stopped” Mindy pipped in “Should we stop and wait for them?”

“No way, I need to use the bathroom” Mike said “Jimmy has a cell he’ll call if he gets into trouble”

“Don’t stop Mike, I’m out of cigarettes, lets just meet them at the general store” Grant pipped in.

The group laughed, and Mike turned up the music again as they turned right at the fork I the road and sailed down to the general store.



Two cars away raven haired Deborah Monk kept her eyes on the road, she didn’t want to lose sight of the other two cars as she had no idea how to get to the cabin.

In the front seat Deborah's closet friend Aislin Harrison lay asleep, she occasionally made little honking sounds that proved she was still with the living.

In the back of the car Tao had a science book propped open and she was taking notes, occasionally she would push up her glasses that kept slipping only Tao would study while on holidays, but than again all that studying had made her one of the top students at there university.

Next to Tao was Jacob a bored expression on his face as he glanced out of the window. Deborah took a quick peek at him with the use of her rear view mirror he was really cute in a fetching way with a short crew cut and deep brown eyes which seemed to hide a secret or two.

Most of the gang had known each other through high school or the first year of University. Jacob had transferred in this year, he had Grant were doing the same course and they had started to become friends, through Grant he had met the others and slowly he was being accepted within the group, this trip away Deborah hoped she would get to know him more, as he seemed quite an interesting intense guy. A little moody and quiet for her liking but she was sure this time away would loosen him up.

Jacon looked up and noticed Deborah was staring at him, he gave her a small friendly smile and she winked back.

Deborah drove passed Jimmy's  car wondering why they had stopped she saw Babs jump out of the car and hurry off into the bushes, Deborah hoped she was all right.

Aislin gave another honk which seemed to wake her up, she sniffled a yawn as she turned to look at the surroundings “Are we there yet?”

“I’m thinking another half an hour or so” Deborah commented

“I’m so glad to be coming” Aislin started “When I had my asthma attack last week my mother freaked, I was sure she wouldn’t let me come”

“What made your mother change her mind?” Tao asked taking her attention away from her notes for the first time on the road trip.

“I told her that I am an adult now, and that I had the right to go. But I also promised her that I would get plenty of rest and not wear myself out”

“Well this week is going to be a blast, I’m going to party hard after all those tests” Deborah said

“Please no talk of exams, I just want to think they were a bad dream” Jacob interjected

“Oh I don’t know, I can’t wait to see the results” Tao said “I hope I did well, I was so stressed the whole time"

“You always do well” Aislin said “You’re such a brain; I wish I had your intelligence,"

“Oh please Aislin you’re not dumb you have street smarts and you’re really intelligent” Deborah cut in, "Thats why I like you so much, your just like me:

“Oh please, I locked myself in the female cubicle at that club last week”

“You were drunk, you had an excuse” Deborah laughed as she turned the car at the fork in the road.

Deborah continued to drive until they saw the general store fast approaching. Deborah hated driving in a car there was no freedom, she loved her motorbike it let her be free one with nature, but alas there would be no motorbike on this trip.

“Oh finally civilisation again” Aislin said

“Take it while it last, for the next week it’s only going to be us” Deborah said "Hidden away in a cabin, seeing Rochelle and Mindy before they put on their faces" 

Deborah swerved the car into the property of the General Store and parked close to Mike.


The two groups were talking among themselves when the silver four wheeled drive rolled in. Jimmy was the first to step out of the car and waved towards his friends.

“We thought you had car trouble” Mike said with fake concern “We were going to stop but Grant needed to buy cigarettes”

“Nice to know I have caring friends. Babs had to use the bushes as her personal bathroom"

“Yuck you went in the bushes you feral” Rochelle commented

Babs jumped out of the car giggling as she headed up the general store steps “When you have to go, you have to go. Gosh I’m starving; I hope they have some hot food”

“You wouldn’t be starving if you keep your food down once in awhile” Rochelle said snidely as she ran her hands down her own trim figure.

“What would you know about eating” Babs retorted “You haven’t eaten since Primary school” Babs snapped her fingers in a sense of victory as she headed over to peer into the general store window.


Aidan was the next out of the car; Aidan was short with short jet black hair and dark eyes. Aidan at times could be wickedly funny but he also had a sarcastic streak that sometimes grew tiresome. He was very creative just at the end of the prior year his book of poetry had been given the go ahead to be published. He frequently used dope, but his excuse was it helped him become more creative.

The last to appear from the car was a tall, plump girl with long brown hair and a shy smile.

She approached Grant and smiled at him, Grant smiled back and kissed her on the cheek.

“Grant and Angelique please get a room” Mike eased “All this open display of affection is making me ill”

The group laughed and Grant playfully pushed Mike who tumbled into a nearby bush which set everyone off laughing again.

“Ok gang lets go get out supplies and head off” Jimmy said "I want to get there while the sun is still up"

“I hope there is a cute guy working here” Aislin said, Mindy nodded in agreement.

The group piled into the general store surprising the owner who had never seen so many people at once. They told him they were picking up more supplies as they were staying at a cabin down the road for a week of fun.

They all left the store laden with supplies, “I’m sorry there wasn’t any cute guys for you two, but I’m sure I caught that old guy leering at you too” Aidan said, receiving dirty looks from  the two girls.

There was some reshuffling as people wanted to change cars, Mindy was nealy left behind as she headed back into the store for more bubblegum.

It wasnt long before they were back on the road for a holiday that was gonna rock all holidays.


It wasn’t long before the cabin came into sight.

It was a beautiful double storey cabin over looking a glittering lake.

 The group piled out of the car and headed straight for the cabin each wanting to grab the best rooms, get settled in and start there fun week away. 

All except Aidan who headed down to the lake he gazed at the beauty of the surroundings as he skimmed rocks across the watery surface. He let out a deep sigh as his stomach fluttered with butterflies, Aidan was so deep in thought he didn’t hear Grant slolwy approach “Penny for your thoughts”

“Man haven’t you heard of inflation” Aidan joked

“So what’s up?”

“I have no idea, I have these butterflies swarming inside of me. Its like I feel something is going to happen but I don’t know what”

Grant rolled his eyes, he heard heard Aidan talk about these feelings before “Did you smoke a joint before coming today?”

“I did but that has nothing to do with it. Its like a premonition”

Grant playfully punched his friend “Don’t think nothing of it, it's the dope talking now come on lets get inside before all the good beds are gone”

Aidan was about to say something else but he held back, trust Grant to make a feeling he had seem irrelvant" Aidan shrugged his shoulders and followed Grant back into the cabin.


The cabin if you could call it a cabin was truly amazing. The ground floor had a large lounge room, spotted with sofa’s chairs and a oak coffee table. On one of the walls was a large old fashioned fire place, beside it was a large supply of wood and kindling.

A small dinning room was down the hall from the lounge and connected to it was a modern kitchen which seemed rather out of place in an isolated cabin.

The upstairs had six bedrooms and 3 bathroom.

Grant was horrified and also pleased that he was sharing with Mike, he knew they would be up all hours having a good time. It was great having a friend who was as social as himself.

Aidan was sharing with Jacob which didn’t really please Aidan, he wondered how he got stuck with that draw.

Aidan had only met Jacob that semester but so far he didn’t like the guy, when he shared that fact with  Grant and Jimmy both guys said it was because he was so simillar to Jacob, so far Aidan had seen no resembalance.

He walked into the room to see that Jacob had claimed the bed closest to the window, the one he had wanted he was quitely unpacking his bags. 

Aidan shot Jacob a dark look he just hoped he wouldn’t have a comfrontation with him his week.



Rochelle and Mindy strolled into the lounge area, where some of the others had already made themselves comfortable on the sofa's.
Both wore cute 2 piece bathing suits, towels twisted around their waists.
"This cabin is so awesome, Jimmy is so lucky to have a rich old aunt let him use her summer cabin" Mindy commented
"Yeah Jimmy's girlfriend Sun-Hi is going to be one lucky bitch when she marries into the Bain family" Rochelle smiled
"Money isnt everything" Aislin said, as she sat focused on a game of solitare.
"Spoken like someone who doesnt have any" Rochelle said to Mindy. "Money is great it helps us by pretty things. Rochelle said shaking her silver Tiffany bracelet her boyfriend had brought her for there one month anniversary.
The two girls headed out of the cabin saying they were going to sunbake on the pier for a few hours. Deborah gave them a small warning about using sunscreen which was ignored by the two girls.
"Behave" Aislin told her friend, Deborah laughed and commented she liked poking fun at those two girls, it was her method of relaxation.
Jimmy came into the room, runnng around making sure everyone was happy. Jimmy really wanted this week to be awesome, some people accused him of being a worrier but he only liked to plan everything so everything could work out great.
"So why isnt Sun-Hi here" Babs asked from the sofa where she had plopped herself. "I would have thought she would have jumped at the chance to get away from the stress of city life"
Jimmy gave a deep sigh "Her aunt fell sick, so Sun-Hi as loving and deciated to her family went to look after her. She's only in Debney Bay, about an hour and a half drive from here. She said she'll try and come down for a day trip"
"Why didnt you go, she's your aunt to" Babs said to Mike. Mike shrugged his shoulders "That's Sun-Hi thing she's the caring compassionate one, and I wasnt going to give up a chance to have some fun for a sick aunt" Mike laughed and headed off to the kitchen, to grab a beer.
It was only early but he was already starting to get festive, Deborah also had a  tall glass of vodka and orange which she was sipping from. Babs liked to drink herself but she really thought it was too early.
"Can we have B.B.Q  tonight" Babs said looking towards Jimmy "I think we owe it to ourselves to celebrate our first night here, others in the group also nodded in agreement. And it wasnt long before others started to get involved in preparing the B.B.Q.
As the girls were preparing salads in the kitchen, Jimmy excused himself and headed off to his bedroom, He passed one of the girls rooms and saw Tao deep in her books, he tapped lightly on the door and told her to close the books and join the others downstairs, this was a week of fun not study.
Tao gave a small laugh, and closed the book she knew Jimmy was right, she spent too much time studying, it was now time for some fun. She grabbed a towel and thought she might go outside and hang with Rochelle and Mindy.
Jimmy had almost reached his room when he smelt an odor coming from Jacob and Aidan's room. He opened the door recognising the odor at once, he had smelt it so many times before.
Aidan was leaning against an open window smoking on a joint, he gave a surprised look when he saw Jimmy looking at him.
"Want some?" Aidan offered
Jimmy shook his head and look down at the floor "Mate you know I would never judge you, you can smoke as much as you like, but this is my grandmother's cabin and she would kill me if she knew someone was doing drugs in her cabin"
Aidan nodded as he stubbed out the joint "Sorry mate, i'll do it outside from now on"
Jimmy gave him a friendly smile before heading off to his room, as he did he didnt see Aidan flip him the bird and mouth "partypooper"

Grant and Angelique walked in the room talking in hushed tones.
"We are going for a walk before dinner"Grant said as he took Angelique's hand.
Mike gave a sigh as he rolled his eyes at the two "Ahh young love, no hanky pancky before dinner"
"No chance of that"Grant said getting a look from Angelique. Everyone knew there situation being a devout Christian, Angelique believe in abstience before marriage. Grant was totally the opposite, before Angelique he was in a hot and heavy relationship with Laura Kramer. So everyone was wondering how long this relationship would last before Grant grew bored.
Grant flipped Mike the bird and headed out with Angelique passing Rochelle, Mindy and Tao who were absorbing the last rays of sunlight.
The two walked along to the boatshed, when he was sure they were out of sight he planted a kiss on Angelique's lips, she signed and kissed him softly back. When his kisses started to get more harder she pushed him away "Not so fast Grant"
Grant sighed and ran his hand down one of her arms "Sorry Angel, I just like you so much, I cant help kissing you"
Angelique gave a weak smile :I know, but you also know I dont want to move too fast"
Grant nodded he knew what she was going to say next so he quickly cut her off "I love you alot, and I respect your stance, and I will wait as long as you need to" Grant smiled and gave her a soft kiss on her cheek.
Angelique's heart softened as she hugged him tight "I love you too, thank you for understanding"
The two slowly walked along the lake taking in the beauty of the surroundings.
"I cant believe those two are dating, they are such oppositees" Tao said to the other two girls.
"I cant believe Grant is slumming it" Rochelle commented "Laura was a good friend of mine, she was fun and great person. So I dont know why he isnt dating that dumpy cow"
"Maybe it's love"Mindy said bored with the conversation as she flipped through a magazine.
Rochelle gave her a shocked look "I call it charity, Grant must have some motivation for lowering his standards"
The three girls giggled as they eyed the two walking along the shore.

It was 10pm, a crackling fire was in the centre of a small clearing. The friends lounged around the fire full after a huge feast, Babs sat closests to the fire, marshmellows on a stick, her mouth watering for the taste that was soon to come.
Jimmy had pulled out his guitar and he was strumming a song.
It had been a good day and everyone was mostly getting alot, there had been a few comments but most had just been ignored.
There was an aura of fun, so Deborah suggested they play a game of truth and dare.
"I love truth or dare" Babs said clapping her hands
"Why all your truths are so dull" Rochelle retorted "You never do anything scandalous"
"Well we all cant be as skanky as you" Babs teased back
Tao stood up with a yawn "I'm going to head to bed, truth or dare scares me. See you all in the morning"
The group laughed and playfully scorned Tao for her weak excuse to get out of the game"
Aislin sipped her beer "So can I go first, I love this game"
"Truth or dare?" someone asked her
"Truth" Aislin smiled
"Did you and Con get it on at Laura's party at the start of this year?"Deborah asked
The group ohhed and eyed Aislin waiting for a response. Aislin blushed "Yes we got on at the party", the friends wolf whistled at her reply.
Jimmy went next, he choose a dare and was made to do a handstand and stay in that pose for 2 minutes.
Mindy also choose a dare and she was forced to scull a glass of vodka, which moments after drinking it ended up in the bushes.
"Me next" Babs pleased "I Promise i'll have a juicy secret"
"Truth or Date?" Mike asked
"Truth" Babs said gleefully
"What's that noise?" Aidan asked strangely
"That's not a question" Babs replied
Aidan waved her off "Not that, that noise cant you hear it"
The group quietened down, the sound was in the distance but there was a low buzzing hum.
Suddenly a loud whoosh sounded in the air, the friends looked up to see five fighter jets zoom by at an alarming rate.
"What the heck" Aislin said
The humming continued as another squadron of jets zoomed by, they were all startled by what they were witnessing"
"I wonder what those jets are doing out this late at night" Jimmy said
"There just jets, probably on there was back from an airshow or something, no big deal" Jacob said as he took a swig of his beer.
The group sat facinated by another few squadron of jets fly by which facinated the group. It was over half an hour before the last of the jets flew by.
A shiver ran down Aidan's spine as a strange feeling ran down his body.
"What's the matter?" Grant asked
"That weird feeling is back Grant, I feel something is going to happen"
Grant chuckled at his friend "Go have another smoke, your getting paranoid"
Aidan stood up annoyed that nobody ever took him seriously "I'm going to my room, at least there i'm not made fun of"
The group talked about the jets for a few more moments it was than that Angelique began to have the same feeling as Aidan, she didnt know what it was it was just a strange feeling. She commented it to Grant, who rolled his eyes and joked that she also must have been smoking what Aidan was smoking. Angelique stood up and said she was going for a walk along the lake, when Grant offered to walk with her, Angelique declined saying she wanted to be alone with her thoughts.
Rochelle smiled and moved closer to Grant , "I'll keep Grant company until you get back" she smiled
"Oh grow up Rochelle" Deborah replied "Angelique and Grant are happy dont cause rifts, no wonder Tristan dumped you"
Rochelle shot Deborah a dirty look "Well you were quick to flaunt yourself at him"
"Hey lets get back to the truth or dare"Babs said trying to ease a situation that was getting tense.
"Yeah I apoligise" Deborah said as she raised her glass "Come on lets get back to the game"
The group began playing the game again, more marshmellows were put onto the fire and the alcohol began to flow more quickly. Jimmy even started playing his guitar again,  they were getting back into the mood of the party.

It was an hour later when they first heard the sounds of explosians in the far distance"
"Fireworks" Mindy sqealed "I love fireworks"
"Fireworks? Doesnt sound like fireworks to me" Jacob said as he stiffled a yawn.
Mindy clapped her hands together, than suggested they take a drive down to the main room as they would be able to see the fireworks from a better angle.
Jimmy said he wasnt driving as he was too tired and no one else was gonna touch his car.
Rochelle who also liked the idea of seeing the fireworks walked up to Mike Lei, knowing she could twist him around to her way of thinking.
Mike sat on the ground leaning against a tree with a dumb look on his face, he was clearly drunk but still coherent.
Rochelle turned on the charms and smiled down at him "Hey cute, You want to drive Mindy and I down to see the fireworks"
Mike through Rochelle a lazy grin "I know your tricks, and your seductive ways wont work on me" Mike gave a hiccup "And anyway I cant barely stand, let alone find my keys"
Rochelle huffed and walked back to Mindy who was trying to talk Jimmy into driving them, so far she was having no luck.
"Doesn't sound like fireworks" Deborah said a deep worried frown on her face, "Sounds like explosions"
"Maybe it was those jets" Aislin said "Maybe they are bombing some place"
"Dont be stupid" Rochelle scoffed rolling her eyes"Why would our own army bomb us. So ludicrous"
"Wouldnt it be cool if we were invaded. We could be like that movie Toy Soldiers" Mike slurred
"War is not funny" Angelique said as she made her way back to the group "War is wrong and viscious."
People began rolling their eyes, when ever the topic of war was talked about you would be sure Angelique would be in earshot to get her liberal point of peace across.
"We know Angel, Mike was only having a joke" Rochelle said, Rochelle gave a yawn "Well if no one is going to take us to have a look at the fireworks, i'm going to bed"
"You havent asked me yet" Deborah said in a sweet tone. Rochelle gave her a look with a raised eyebrow "It's tempting but I know there is some trick to you asking"
Mindy wrinkled her nose and tugged at Rochelle's arm "I dont want to go in her car, it smells funny"
Rochelle gave a laugh, "Let's forget about the fireworks and just head to bed"
The explosions started off again in the distance, but people had began to phase out the noise, they were either too sleepy or too druink to care. Only Aidan and Angelique were worried Angelique because the sight of those warplanes had scared her to the bones and Aidan because of the feeling he had in the pit of his stomach. Aidan didnt know what it was but from his bedroom window he could see a blaze of colours in the distance and knew they werent fireworks.
He just knew he had to take a closer look to see what in fact it was.
As the others also started heading off to bed, none of them knew what was install for them from that moment on. Little did they know how much their lives were going to change.

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